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Both in theory and in practice, meditation requires processes psychoemotional prepared to get blur consciously to the mind of the information around, that is to say, it is an activity that requires all the attention in our sensations of the here and now, as an awareness of the –ir–reality. Therefore, consider meditation during an alternate state of reality it would seem a clear example of cognitive dissonance; however, in accordance with a user of the platform Reddit, is it possible to meditate during a trance ethyl.

The user /u/iboard330 seen as a good idea to perform a unique experiment: to meditate while drunk. The question what motivated was to discover whether it is possible to follow the processes of meditation and even enjoy some benefit in this condition. It was thus first established a baseline of relaxation meditative to that, sip by sip, I could be completely aware of the changes that are faced. We will share your experience:

Tonight I’m doing the experiment with the hope of bringing awareness about what happens to me when I drink. First I will meditate briefly to establish a baseline, and, sip by sip, I’ll be aware of how to change.

I’m drinking whiskey, alone. The first vessel has four shots.

Base line: I Find that it is more difficult to concentrate. There is a tension noticeable between my eyebrows.

1st sip: the head space was opened, slightly increased the tension between the eyebrows.

2nd sip: The flow of consciousness is more pronounced, the music in the periphery. Impatience.

3rd sip: Cloudy. It is difficult to get a deep breath. The internal voice is becoming more and more noisy. It is easier to get distracted.

4th sip: Impulses.

‘I wonder what would happen if I finished the bottle’.

‘Maybe you should smoke some marijuana too and see what happens’.

Beyond that, the mind becomes more silent. I gave up trying to keep your eyes closed. The reality is a kind of dream, the images and sounds in the mind are more noisy.

5th sip: What I’m feeling. It is easier to close the eyes now. My mind is chaotic but nothing persists for a long time, as if they were flashes in the periphery, almost as a give a lot. The inner voice is restless. It’s been almost 45 minutes now.

6th sip: I can say that my body does not like this. I don’t feel good, which is abnormal for my level of tolerance.

Alcohol is the opposite of mindfulness. Looking for a way to jump and ride, and if not permitted, we punish with nausea. Promotes lack of awareness, and rewards you with the illusion of a quieted mind, but it really is a listlessness wide.

After you decide what to meditate on while I’m drunk, I went back to take a couple of shots, and eventually I began to have serious questions around the alcohol.

In addition, in your post you added the example of the buddhist teacher Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, who was publicly known for incorporating alcohol in your teachings, to meditate while he was drunk, and say often: “Drink three sips [of alcohol], and then observe the effect on the mind. Do you have relaxed? How your mind is expanding in the space? If so, then stop.” The objective of Trungpa Rinpoche was drinking under the premise of mindfulness is to bring full consciousness with every sip. Since tantric buddhism is non-dual and does not practice the renunciation of the world, all the activities, including drinking alcohol, are part of a meditative state of full attention.

While alcohol is a depressant of the nervous system and therefore is usually considered as a negative element in the practice of meditation, Trungpa Rinpoche invites us not to use it as a means to escape the conventional, but as a tool to numb out the ego. For him, this is the reason why centuries ago, in the monasteries of the lineage of Kagyü, monks incorporated alcohol into their esoteric practices of vajrayana.

This means that the practitioner of meditation that you want to investigate these practices requires years of mastery over the ego and the consciousness, developing the mind and emotions as tools to experience the pure ecstasy and to transcend inner demons. Before it is not recommended to mix alcohol and meditation, since that will surely be disastrous.


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