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What advice would you give to be a good salesman without being overly aggressive? originally appeared on Quora: a place to acquire and share knowledge, and better understand the world.

Answer by Lucho Inzunza, a former manager of a company selling direct:

I understand by vendor-aggressive one who owns a vehemently vocal, that has a tone of voice powerful, that is overbearing, interrupts, harasses, and surrounds the prospectus as a fierce wild prey.

The experience has taught me, and I’m taking this mainly neuro-linguistic programming, that in human relationships when there is communication that occurs a synchrony between the partners, that is to say, there is a similarity in breathing, body language, tone of voice, etc., when the communication is accomplished, is developed this dance, and this state for the sale is crucial, achieve this communication of two beings are connected and understand and listen perfectly.

This is as it should be in a good sale, since in general, the aggressive marketer has the challenge to close sales but your sales will fall, as that client could not say no to him, but then finds ways of relinquishing the product, service etc Then, to achieve good communication is vital, the problem is that in the communication there are obstacles, and mostly, they come for the game domain, in which the dominant does not want to leave master. To better explain this point I’ll give an example.

When the vendor is aggressive and is a client to passive (soft character) completely dominates and takes control of the communication. The problem is as soon as you find yourself with people of character “dominant”. In this case, to be able to master it, first, there must be a harmony and it is only there when you can take control and dominate the communication, the same goes with someone in an emotional state specific, for example sadness, joy. That is to say, that if as a seller you face a person of strong character, who speaks with a tone struck, and looks at you with a frown.

Must you imitate your body language and tone of voice to be able to tune in to, or is, you ought to talk to you, too, with strong tone and look with a frown, looking clear, the tuning and not the confrontation of ideas, for example by appealing to the good sense of humor but with that body language specific. This is where being aggressive is also necessary, but only to achieve the state essential of the tune, then that is achieved, and communication is established, you must master and move to a different state of mind, if the communication has been well established, the other person will follow you.

Another example would be a person sad, the way to tune it would be to start with a tone of voice off, body language depressed, etc, until you are tuned. After achieving this change towards a more joyful and the person will follow you and you’ll be able to talk about your product, etc., When a person is happy, you should gozarte with her, with a broad smile, look vibrant, etc


In summary, aggression is a necessary, but only to achieve the goal of the tune and the communication and can be used at the end of the sale to refute objections, or close, but must be used with moderation. The most important thing is to adapt to any situation and always look for the good communication, which according to neuro-linguistic programming states, comes to tune first of all in the same mood by the body language , tone of voice, etc

I invite you to investigate more on your part and review the text: Introduction to NLP” By: Joseph O’connor.

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