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FINAL POINT - Swami Atmavidyananda Giri: The most ancient ... - The Journal of Otun 1 “Through this practice you can rescue your own values and not necessarily become a better person, for yourself and, of course, for society and for the world.”

Editor: Oscar Osorio Ospina |

With the aim of promoting the practice of Kriya Yoga, the most ancient science of meditation, is visiting Pereira, the teacher of origen, a hindu Swami Atmavidyananda Giri. This technique, which is based on conscious breathing, it is described as an effective and rapid experimentation of the self, a path towards the kingdom of calm and mental balance, with which the people who practice it transcend the human consciousness and can achieve a positive change in their lives. With Swami Atmavidyananda we talked about this science of meditation that has over 2000 years of history.

What is the purpose of your visit to Pereira?

My spiritual master came to Colombia in 1974 to bring the science and the scientific technique of Kriya Yoga, since then I have been requested to come to the country and Pereira is one of the great cities where we are launching a center of Kriya Yoga. That is the reason why I’m here to present this wonderful technique.

What is the meaning of Kriya Yoga?

It is one of the most ancient techniques of yoga which involves breath control to acquire through it the concentration of the mind.

Do you require any special conditions for your practice?

Kriya Yoga does not need anything special to learn and to be practiced. Any person, from the age of 13 who has a sincere desire to overcome you can do so and does not imply any kind of diet nor renounce religious beliefs, because it is not a religion, it is a scientific technique of meditation.

Why tends to confuse Kriya Yoga a religion?

Perhaps because these techniques of yoga, buddhism and hinduism come from the east, people tend to think that those are religions, but not. They are philosophies, they are ways of thinking.

What are the benefits it represents for the human being?

Contributes very positively to the improvement of the physical and mental health, because it is a scientific technique and is shown to have a very significant impact on the entire endocrine system. The impact the same, there is a better production of hormones in the body that regulates all internal processes. In addition, controlling your breathing ensures that there is a best proportion of oxygen and if there is more available oxygen in the organs and in the brain to improve its functions, is acquired better memory, and raises the organic function because the exercises are practiced, stimulates the internal organs. That is to say that this contributes to an overall well-being in general.

How many years has this technique, and how many people practice in the world?

It is difficult to say how many practitioners there are in the world, but I can say that it is a technique over 2000 years old and that in the world today, in over 70% of the countries are practicing with a high number of students, who are the hundreds of thousands.

How to get to that level of consciousness you might think that its practitioners are also better citizens?

After more than 24 years practicing and see in the western world as it has increased this practice, I have realized that this philosophy can be incorporated into the life of a westerner is not only making him a better person but studies have shown how it has improved the citizens in many aspects, for example get out of problems of drug abuse and improve the family relationships and within society. Have been made analysis very conciensudos and has seen how they have benefited large groups of people who have been practitioners. If a person through the practice of krita yoga can rescue their own values, necessarily becomes a better person, for yourself and, of course, for society and for the world.

Could this help society in a world that is marching towards your destruction?

I don’t agree that the world will go to destruction. Definitely there are certain movements that are very normal, but on the other hand there is a resurgence of consciousness and meditation aid to this resurgence of light and of consciousness, because when you meditate you acquire positive energy and this energy spreads easily through people and even is affecting the cosmic laws. So in my travels around the world, what I see are many areas where it is calling on cosmic forces to an awakening of the conscience, and the people themselves are responding to the need for light and balance to restore all the laws.

Then… yes we have hope?

Yes. Not only do I believe that there is hope, but I think and I have a lot of optimism about it.

And what about in the case of Colombia, is also optimistic?

I have visited Colombia in the last ten years and I have been a witness of all that has been happening in terms of the war and how this process of peace was even signed. And I have a lot of hope that this process will contribute for the country to improve in terms of a peace as a concept, but carry it into effect in a serious way and have a real development, even in the economic aspect and the renewal of the country. I have a lot of confidence in that.


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