Project Meditation Studio: The place which will make you find your inner peace –

In the past three years, thousands yoga studios have opened their doors to receive people who are worried to work your body in a physical way and in a plan more fitness. It is for this reason that the idea to create a study of meditation, which seeks to have a more balanced life and to focus not only on the physical, but in the internal and be able to achieve a balance.

The concept created by the members Marisa Arizpe, Susana Bigler, Cristina Coghlan and Lizette Andrade, with classes of 50 minutes with teachers from different disciplines and with different techniques that will help you to reach a state of balance by means of movements, breathing, mantras and sounds.

The studio offers a variety of classes for all kinds of people. Learn about the different options:

Energy: Includes meditations with breath and movement that will leave you ready and active for the day.
Relaxation: If you are looking for tranquility in your day or before you sleep, this meditation with relaxing music, mantras and other techniques, will eliminate stress from your life.
Sounds: Attention fans of the live music, this meditation uses instruments such as tibetan singing bowls that will vibrate your body.
Mindfulness: Learn techniques that will help you to live and enjoy the present.
Mantra:the Meditation is done on the basis of reciting the phrases, or songs full of wisdom and full of a special energy.
Healing: meditation Techniques that help heal both the physical body and emotional.
Movement: if you Are looking for a connection between the mind and the body, this meditation-based movement is great, and you can achieve thanks to the fusion of dance and yoga.

No need to go dressed in white, nor does it have to do with religion, this is the only place in Mexico that offers seven different techniques to meditate. “Meditation is the vehicle we use to be in tune with ourselves and achieve our purpose,” he said Susana Bigler.


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