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A Judge of Control linked to process to two men involved in the assault to a school of meditation, located in the calle Gutiérrez Zamora, colony Eagles, delegation Álvaro Obregón.

According to information from the Attorney General’s office capital, the subjects used a firearm and a machine of electric shock to steal your belongings to the staff and students.

According to the record, on the morning of January 19, police presventivos were presented on campus, after receiving a distress call that reported that students were attacked by armed people.

In the place, the men in uniform arrested the accused, who assured them part of the booty, and put them at the disposal of the agent of the Public Ministry of the Prosecutor’s office Desconcentrada research in Álvaro Obregón, where they were fully identified by his victims.

The trababajadores of the school of meditation reported that the suspects came to the apartment with the pretext of requesting reports on the activities carried out, so that is allowed access.

Once inside, the alleged offenders amagaron with a gun, a secretary and forced to surrender their possessions, money, safe and valuables.

The accused went to the rooms, where also desapoderaron the teachers and students of cell phones, money, bags, and other values; all the while threatening the aggrieved with activate a mace that emits electric shocks.

One of the people affected reached to send a message via cell phone to a family which reported that they were assaulted. The family sought the help of preventive police of the ministry of Security capital.

The alleged assailants then locked the victims in a room and toured the building for more objects of value.

When you hear the siren of a patrol, the individuals attempted to flee but were caught in flagrante delicto.

It should be noted that the victims of this theft, referred to the involvement of at least two other people, including a woman, so the Police Investigation continues the work of field and office in order to locate other likely participants.

The men will face their process in the correctional institution Preventive East.



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