Why music to meditate? – The Carabobeño

Why music to meditate? - The Carabobeño 1

“Music is to the soul what gymnastics for the body,” said Plato. In meditation, the music is one more element to take that can help us achieve a greater state of awareness and inner peace. Music can influence emotional and physical, to increase the well-being and quality of life.

The human mind generates thousands of thoughts that walk with us in our day-to-day. These are the thoughts that regulate, in a certain way, our choices and our actions, our mood and our way of relating to each other.

Therefore, if our thoughts are positive we will be more confident of ourselves, more optimistic and more receptive to new stimuli.

In meditation, it is important to accompany the exercises with melodies that help us to focus more on what we are doing at the moment, therefore the most recommended is to avoid those musics that distract us, for example, songs with lyrics.

Sounds of nature: the sound of rain or wind, the singing of the birds, the force of the water falling down a waterfall… are without a doubt an excellent accompaniment to meditation.

Classical music: especially if the preponderance of stringed instruments. It is one of the most recommended options for those who practice meditation on a regular basis.

Instrumental music: what if we practice meditation with the sound of bagpipes? The most important thing in meditation is to get to create an atmosphere that makes us focus our energy and relax the mind.

New Age music: is gaining adherents among the practitioners of meditation. The harmonies in this type of music tend to be repetitive to create a sense hypnotic.

The sound alpha sound alpha is a patter of ten cycles per second, through a process of imitation leads to the brain frequencies brain lower and stable, which facilitate the relaxation and the practice of mind control.


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