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As always what I write, the yoga is wide.

And far is what I like most about yoga. You’ll always generates curiosity, makes you want to study it more; makes you remember that you can always know a little bit more.

And well, in yoga there are the mudras. I’ve made some posts about these: they are gestures made with the hands, eyes or body with the intention of generating a way for our energy to flow without problems.

At a scientific level, the mudras generate connections in our brain and different parts of the body. In fact, if you have any disease, as well as prescribe routines and a diet, you also get the recipes mudras: gestures of the hands you can achieve that the body’s energy channels are cleared.

Why sometimes we are asked to connect your index fingers with thumbs when we meditate?

To begin with, is not the only way to meditate, but it is the most common.

1. Jnana Mudra: This is by connecting a thumb with index and with the palms pointing down. Jnana means knowledge, therefore, this is normally done at the start of a class, as we all have the intention to share knowledge.

jnana mudra

2. Chin Mudra: Connecting finger, thumb with index, but with the palms facing up. Chin comes from citta, which means consciousness. For this reason, it is common that at the end of the class: it is a physical way of representing the consciousness; to be aware of the knowledge that we have received from our body and mind.

chin mudra

Benefits: Both mudras achieved that the energy which normally would go toward the environment through our hands to stay in the body and come back to this and to the brain.

In addition, when the hands are in contact with the knees, it generates a “short circuit” that causes energy to travel through the thigh and to the perineum (through a nadi or channel of energy that is called gupta). And when this happens it stimulates our first chakra, which is the us rooted to the earth. The one that gives us firmness.


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