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Policías mexicanos aprenden meditación para afrontar la violencia en las escuelas
Police officers of the Units of School Safety (SSP) of the CDMX performing the first exercise of Falun Dafa. (Antonio Domínguez/The Big Time)

In the morning of the 18th to the 22nd of July 2016, the policemen of the City of Mexico , attached to the Directorate of School Safety, made the practice of exercises and meditation of the discipline of ancient china Falun Dafa, as part of their training courses of summer.

The activity was an interesting complement to not only the same uniformed to improve your physical, mental and spiritual but also to be able to pass these benefits on to the school level.

Practicantes de Falun Dafa de México dirigiendo la práctica de los ejercicios de la práctica a policías. (Antonio Domínguez/La Gran Época).

Practitioners of Falun Dafa in Mexico directing the practice of the exercises of the practice to police. (Antonio Domínguez/The Big Time)

This connection between the practitioners of Falun Dafa in Mexico and the directorate of police, which works in schools, from kindergarten up to upper secondary education (bachillerato) and they are dedicated to impart values among the students to prevent crimes in these areas, began in front of the Alameda Central, a park landmark in the centre of the City of Mexico.

In that place, every weekend, practitioners mexicans call to raise awareness and get signatures for the campaign DAFOH, that seeks to stop the brutal forced abduction of the organs that suffer the practitioners of this peaceful discipline by the chinese communist regime since 1999.

Ejercicio de meditación de Falun Dafa

Meditation exercise of Falun Dafa.

A member of this section of school safety came up to this site, and was moved in front of this harsh reality and was very interested by the values that it promotes this discipline from the Buddha School, and the health benefits generated by the practice of exercises and meditation.

So we invited practitioners to teach the practice as part of the training of the summer, which gives the police officers attached to the educational institutions, in order to reinforce the values between the cops of these units, and that these can its transmission among the students of the school.

El Oficial Adrián García (derecha) manifestó con entusiasmo los beneficios que percibió al hacer los ejercicios de Falun Dafa. (Antonio Domínguez/La Gran Época)

The Official Adrian Garcia (right) expressed with enthusiasm the benefits that he received while doing the exercises of Falun Dafa. (Antonio Domínguez/The Big Time)

The peaceful alternative to gangs, violence and bullying

In the schools of the City of Mexico, and in addition there in some traffic in narcotic drugs and gangs (or external violence), also co-exists the bulllying, a type of violence and harassment between students, which is already a social concern.

In fact, the SSP federal has taken this last practice of the social as a source is suicides among young people. This department serves the 9.800 plantes basic level: pre-primary, primary and secondary schools; both public and private, of the CDMX.

Policías de México aplaudiendo al finalizar la práctica de los ejercicios de Falun Dafa. (Antonio Domínguez/La Gran Época)

Police of Mexico applauding at the end of the practice of the exercises of Falun Dafa. (Antonio Domínguez/The Big Time)

The more than 600 police officers were highly satisfied, and have expressed to perceive the beneficial effects of the exercises of Falun Dafa.

The strong applause that was heard after doing these practices is a manifestation of it. So said the official Adrian Garcia, who said that he felt very good, more relaxed, as if he had lost the heaviness that I felt at the start of the practice: “As that had been something,” said happy.

Falun Dafa is a discipline ancient orthodox china that is based on three universal principles: Truth, compassion, and Tolerance (Zhen, Shan, Ren). It was transmitted to the public openly in 1992 in China by Master Li Hongzhi. In just 7 years, official estimates reckoned that there were between 70 and 100 million chinese that were doing the practice. Before this framework, the chinese communist regime, atheist, saw this as a threat and began to pursue, until now.


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