Plan a meditation massive world for the next full moon –

The night of the full moon is very energetic and meditate during those hours of gloom can enhance the practice and to rejuvenate the body and soul. Therefore, an event that promises to be the session largest in the world on the 11th of February, when the full Moon in Leo, along with an eclipse, the first of the year, which promises positive changes in all referred to matters of the heart.Groups of 90 countries -including Argentina – will take part between 18 and 20 of the Saturday that comes in the meditation session massive full moon, which in our country will be hosted in some premises of the Foundation The Art of Living.

“Our body is 75% water and is affected by the moon. It changes our mood. The moon moves the tides, the water, and it is for this reason that in large number of countries, we use the full moon to meditate, because in those days, the moon allows us to be more stable and balanced,” explained Santiago Barrenechea, the Coordinator of the Meditation of the Foundation.

The participation is free of charge and no previous experience is required.


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