Peter Engel and Alfredo Sfeir: will be part of the Festival of Mind, Body … – The Nation (Chile)

Every two years, and in its fourth version, the MCA Festival or Festival Mind, Body and Soul, has been the only space in Chile, and Latin American, which has managed to gather for three days to thousands of people around a common goal: to be more happy and improve the quality of life and, by extension, the society.

The stress, the quality of the food, the expansion of diseases as a result of a disharmony and discomfort internal, human relations, and aggression, are some of the consequences of a system exhausted and sick, in front of which and at the global level have emerged, solutions that use as different tools, therapies, activities, and changes of habits, many of them based on ancient wisdom and what is proper and natural to the human being.

MCA Festival brings all of these options in order to improve the quality of life, making a contribution to the human development and personal well-being.

Many people are looking for answers and modify patterns that will improve their lives. However, tend not to find them in the type of education, health, or power that we have. This same nonconformity has made the proliferation of alternatives that they have managed to deliver responses, causing changes real and effective in people. If we understand that every action has a consequence, the same happens with our minds and bodies, with our development in society, p‘or which to understand why we things happen and how to modify them, it is vital to achieve a degree of tranquility and well-being in life”, says Edgardo Vogel, Executive Director of Exhibits, the organiser of this activity, which was held on 8,9 and 10 September in the Estación Mapocho.

More than 130 national rapporteurs and international will gather in MCA Festival 2017. The programme of talks, lectures and workshops will be developed in parallel in different halls, in order to give a wide possibility of participation to the nearly 20,000 attendees that are projected for this mega event.

Among the foreign guests, highlighting the Spanish Enric Corbera, Engineer, Naturopath, Sofrólogo and Psychologist. Trained in Neuro linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis, among other disciplines, Corbera is a scholar of Carl Gustav Jung, Dr. David R. Hawking, Dr. Bruce H. Lipton and Dr. Robert Lanza, among many others, unifying the knowledge dispersed and complex and making it accessible to all the world.

Will also participate in the mexican Ana Luisa Solis, who has lived with communities of indigenous Maya, Toltec, Meshica, Totonaca, among others. Solis will develop 3 workshops and will speak about the importance of the ancestors in the life of the people. She postulates that “there are family conflicts that are carried forward from generation to generation”. The select group of rapporteurs international MCA Festival 2017 also integrate Shivagam, Leandro Taub, Paco Alarcón, Rodrigo Romo and musician mystic Devakant.

Among the national rapporteurs, on the other hand, stand out: Gastón Soublette, Cristián Warnken, Humberto Maturana, Ximena Dávila, Alfredo Sfeir, Peter Engel, Lita Donoso, Amanda Cespedes, Patricia May, Francisco Alcoholado, Mary Quiñelén, Nerea de Ugarte and doctors Pedro Silva, Ricardo Soto and Rodolfo Neira, among others.

programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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