What is to meditate? Steps to do this like an expert – The Colombian

The benefits of meditation not only translate into a better capacity of concentration, or stress reduction, calmness of the mind becomes calm and body with the practice, the posture improves. Although there are no studies that prove the positive effects in the treatment of chronic diseases, the medical community recognizes that can help the patient to assume a positive attitude, which increases the chances of success.

The technique, which is a fundamental part of buddhism, it helps to focus the mind, which has also been used by psychology to help their patients achieve the objectives that are plotted in the query. Buddhism is not opposed to the benefit of the community with his practice, however, does not endorse that is use to feed the ego.

Ten minutes of daily meditation are enough to notice changes in the pace of life. These are some steps that marks the course of Atman Yoga to begin the practice.

Space: it is necessary to find a quiet place to practice, it is recommended to use always the same to get your mind.

Time: it is also important to use the same time of day. The sunrise and sunset are ideal, because the mind is more free.

Posture: sit with the back, neck and head in a straight line, facing north or east. If you are not comfortable, you can also meditate lying down.

Breathing: to achieve a good breathing rhythm should begin with five minutes of deep breathing and then inhale and exhale on three seconds.

Mental strength: you should not make too much effort to leave the mind in white, with the help of the breath it becomes fixed in a point.

Proof: the more time you perform the practice, the easier it will be to focus. This helps to improve the mental control and regulate the functioning of the body.


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