Panic attacks: meditation for control – day-to-Day

The panic attack is a reaction of intense anxiety that it generates a lot of distress. It is a psychological disorder that, in the last years increased in 20 per cent of the medical consultations. About four percent of argentines suffers from this type of episode, which is often confused with heart disease.

The physical or mental stress tend to be a history of the emergence of a crisis of panic. Usually appear suddenly, reaching its maximum intensity in about 10 minutes. But not only is the exhaustion the only cause. Genetics and the social problems current may also account for this condition.

“That is the source of the panic attack, total fear that does not find a channel of expression. Then, the unwanted and the symptoms appear: we can feel bad, having beats fast, it seems that we are drowning, we are cold and heat, anguish, as we think that we are going to die”, describes the instructor of meditation Monika Correia Nobre.

In some cases, the meditative practice can help to control the panic attacks. Anyway, a correct diagnosis is fundamental in order to put it into practice.

From the meditation, explains the director of Astroflor, the solution is centered on four tools: movement, breathing, mindfulness and positive thinking.

“The first thing we can do is move to spend that extra energy that is generated during a panic attack. Dance, jump, sing, eager, to do dynamic things such as playing with the dog can help us,” argues the astrologer.

The next tool is to connect with the breathing, because it allows you to change the emotional state.

The mindfulnessis a technique that is very precious in meditation is to focus completely on something. Thanks to that focus and concentration, is able to transform the mental space.

While using these three tools, it is necessary to add the positive thinking, using phrases of reassurance. “It is very beneficial to accept that the body is anxious, and that in some way expresses emotions that were stored in the interior”, says the specialist.

How to control panic attacks

“Dancing to several minutes for the favorite song with all the enthusiasm.

“Sit with your back straight, listening to a song that is relaxing, until you stabilize the respiratory rate .

“Inhale deeply and exhale pronouncing the letter “s” long.

“Repeat internally positive thoughts with respect to the lived moment.

“Doing a pleasant activity, using mindfulness.

“Keep a record of successes in this task of taking the personal power, no matter how small they seem.

  • In the focus

The occurrence of these episodes may be early, but it is more common from the age of 18 to 30 years of age.


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