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Last Holy Week, and concluding the call Easter, it is good to reflect a little on the uses and religious customs, cases of prayer or meditation. On a certain occasion, a friend was making mockery of the habit of praying and I said, «what a waste of time!, especially when repeated and repeated phrases». Start me it was very difficult to answer, until you find the answers in some scientific articles.

Since then that with this Dialogue we may or may not be in agreement, and as taught by Gestalt -psychologist modern- «if on this occasion we didn’t agree, on another occasion it will be.»

In the Laboratory of Neuropsicofisiología of the Institute of Research and Development Psychoneurological Bekhterev Saint-Petersburg, its chief Valeri Slezin, found neurophysiological functions in the process of praying and concluded: «prayer not only regulates all the processes of the human body, but also repairs the structure of consciousness most affected».

Dr. Slezin, then perform electroencephalograms to people in processes of prayer or deep meditation; he found small changes in the strokes of the brain rhythms, to which he called them a «slight lookout to pray». Other authors include other techniques of introjection -to get inside if – as meditation or the dance of the whirling dervishes. What the believers believed by faith, the scientists begin to find explanations.

In the beginning of the present century, Andrew Newberg and Eugene D’aquili, both affiliated published a book with his findings: with ct, could follow the blood flow in the brain during mystical experiences, thus inducing a tibetan buddhist to meditate injecting contrast material, observing intense activity in the prefrontal cortex and decreased in the parietal lobe. Excited, repeated the experiment in nuns and ministers, with the same results. It is one of the most remote history of the nascent Neuroteología.

The research adds Vilayanur Ramachandran, of the University of California, confirming the involvement of the temporal lobe in the mystic expressions, but refuses to call it «Module God»; however, others have no issue in saying that the Brain’s Amygdala-is «System as the Transmitter of God».

There is still more: Michael Persinger, of the University Sudbury, Ontario, found a relationship between the electromagnetic fields of earthly and brain function, stating that the ecstasy -a state of admiration and intense – is the exaggeration of the activity in the temporal lobes and region limbic, which houses the elementary emotions and sexual pleasure. He also discovered that in the left temporal lobe triggers the feeling of «being me» and that on the right the «not-I», that causes sensations of strange, «the other that is not one»… the devil! …What surprised you?

Olaf Blanke, of the University of Geneva, he reported that the brain can generate experiences of the subject who claims to be from the outside of your body; it achieves this by stimulating the Angular Right, that integrates the processes of vision.

He discovered that by stimulating the region temporo-parietal, the subject of experimentation had the feeling of a «mysterious presence» to his back, the shadow moves, of masculine appearance, while attempting to take a letter from reading him by the arms.»

I have to write this interesting result has given clues to pursue information about algunass esquizofrenias.

Currently, we know the action of different substances which work as mediators or precursors of the brain to produce and download hormones; it is known the effect of the opiates, which cause release of various substances such as dopamine, generating a feeling of well-being and even euphoria. Imagine if we could stimulate without causing damage and side effects; perhaps there is the way in the fight against drug trafficking.

Repeat sounds, words and phrases in the case of the sentence – rhythmic movements -dances – songs and movements of the hands -clap – or repeated inclinations of the head -as observed in some magnets – apparently they also help to release those substances.

What before was done by faith and experientially, now the neuro-researchers are beginning to find scientific basis.

The bad news for unbelievers is that, apparently, in their cases, there are no stimulating effects and, consequently, sensations of mystical wellness.

Also interesting are the conclusions of some philosophers cientificistas that reflect on the theme and now talk about the death, the encounter with God, as an introjection -to get in one himself – and not the departure of the soul, such as we have imagined traditionally.

I think the possibility that there is a paradise to his measure!

Gradually, with the advancement of knowledge of human beings, those parallel lines that never cross, -faith and science-it seems that van approaching and that at some point in the future not remote, could be found.

Perhaps the religious practices are not another thing that the method chosen by God -or nature if you prefer – so that we reach higher states of pleasure.

Are you a believer?



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