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“I will tell you that in the bolivian community we are going through the same situation. We were scammed by a company: OOSCHAI, Jose Jimenez Poveda, who claimed to have as a mentor Enrique Blaksley Señorans. And I use the same trickery to defraud. in the area of Flowers (Condarco 12 where were their offices). He and his group of advisers and family members. We are more than 10,000 affected families in Argentina, because there are the most affected in Brazil and Bolivia for their mutual lending and projects never finished.”
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The lawyer Fernando Scoffing is mentioned in a cause for the scam real estate to a group of bolivians in Argentina. The principal involved is José Cristian Jimenez Poveda, head of the society of investment ‘OOSCHAI’, which sought investors for a real estate project.

Jimenez, of bolivian nationality, proposed to a group of people deliver money that would be repaid with a monthly interest, which went from 7%, up to double in 12 months. These investments would be intended for the purchase of real estate in the City of Buenos Aires, in which the victims would be included as co-owners, and the completion of a real estate project in Santa Cruz de las Sierras, Bolivia.

Jimenez Poveda was born in La Paz in 1974 and arrived in Argentina with 10 years with his mother, escaping his stepfather, according to its official history.

In a few years, and according to his own words, “with financial education and neuro-linguistic programming”, went from sewing kits to a director of a financial institution which he founded (OOSCHAI), leader of a group of investors and a foundation that supports the development of entrepreneurs.

The ‘miracle bolivian’ now you are in trouble, denounced in court.


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Where it appears Mocking?

The complainants indicated that Teasing was found, in several opportunities, in the management of Ooschai, given that it offered training courses to attract investors, “this being also the one who advertised and encouraged the people of the community, to bolivia to invest in the firm “OOSCHAI””.

“We were investing all our money with the lord Jimenez Poveda and their partners “OOSCHAI” since at first we complied, and we was returning the money plus the interest promised in the contract, which made our confidence, Jimenez grew up with the understanding that the investments that performed were bearing fruit, something that I end up not going.

It is so since the middle of 2016, mr. Jimenez Poveda leave to take care of the interest derived from mutual funds, as well as the return of the money “lent”, being the amount that we fall short of us in excess of $6.500.000 (pesos six million five hundred thousand) approximately.

Against attempts to place Joseph Jimenez as well as any of their partners, only proved fruitless, since they moved their offices and we do not know the whereabouts real of the same, came to our attention informally that the same had returned to Bolivia with all of our money”, explains the filing of the complaint.

The same holds for the scam was carried out by Jimenez Poveda and his associates,”who in an organized way acted as a criminal gang because they offered investment advice, the scale of interests, managers to capture the attention of investors and on all advertising and participation in the signature of Dr. Fernando Teasing, who gave to the victims trust by being a person publicly notorious”.

Fernando Andrés Teasing has worked or works as a lawyer Giselle Rímolo, Horacio Conzi, Francisco Trusso, the managers of the case Skanska, and Diego Latorre.

In march of 2016, the famous argentine lawyer was in Santa Cruz de las Sierras for real estate projects. Teasing gave an interview to the portal Eju, where he said that Jose Jimenez was one of the entrepreneurs involved in the operation. The intention was to build 2 towers of 20 floors each, plus a hotel and a convention center.

The victims would be about 30,000 people, and the sum of US$ 60 million, which would have been illegally taken out of Argentina to be invested in Bolivia, according to published The Reason of Peace.

One of the real estate, of which the victims were identified as co-owners, is located on calle Bermudez 2986 (CABA), on behalf of the Foundation, ‘If You Want’. He wrote George Solomon in The Country of Bolivia, in this foundation, led by Jimenez, activities, and training workshops, educational and cultural.

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