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Meditation is an effective way of connecting with the present moment, learning to listen to our body and reduce our levels of stress, the latter being one of the main causes of the diseases which plague our society today. Meditation is that moment that takes your mind to eliminate concerns and see things with greater clarity. Today we know that meditation has many benefits for our health that have been scientifically proven, so here I leave you four of them:

  • Blood pressure reduction: meditation increases the production of nitric oxide, a gas that dilates blood vessels, improves blood flow and reduces the pressure required to pump blood throughout the body.
  • Reduction of weight: The simple fact of reducing your stress levels may be the answer you are looking for to lose those extra pounds of more, because when your stress hormone or cortisol is elevated all your hormones are altered -including insulin, which plays a fundamental role in our metabolism. Also, meditating helps to reduce your levels of anxiety, the mad desire to be nibbling between meals foods highly addictive as sugar also decrease.
  • Improving the response to pain: meditation improves the perception and the physiological response of the body to pain.
  • Delayed cognitive impairment: The prefrontal cortex of our brain decreases with age, contributing to a cognitive impairment. However, meditation is able to reverse this process.

As a health coach, ground apply meditation techniques with my patients so that they know how to manage your stress levels in difficult situations and to achieve a balance in your daily life. The simple fact of being aware that with your breath you can reduce your levels of anxiety and avoid a panic attack, you is empowering, because you discover that you have the ability to handle difficult situations to know how to manage your stress levels and anxiety.

Nutrition: 4 positive effects of meditation - Semicolon 1

Claudia Bustamante
A degree in Nutrition and Dietetics with a minor in Clinical Nutrition (UPC), and in Sport and Physical Activity (UPC), Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (NY) and is currently studying a master’s degree in nutrition (NUNM). He is currently a member of the Celiac Association and is dedicated to the nutritional consulting and personalized to give workshops on nutrition and healthy cooking. You can find it through your fanpage Thani lifestyle where she shares recipes ,tips and nutritional advice to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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