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The brain has a lot of influence in all that we are and how we live. And although it is a single structure, is divided into three large sections: the limbic brain, the reptilian and the neocortex. In this interconnection, arise our thoughts that result in behaviors. And that synchronization, will depend on the assertiveness of our actions

In the reptile, is where you save the most impulsive, is the one that makes us act on survival (when we have a scare, who actively reacts is the reptilian brain, they are unconscious acts); in the limbic saves the emotional part of all those experiences that we had in childhood and adolescence, which had an impact either positive or negative. And it is the neocortex that makes the interconnection between both parties and is more related to what is rational.

This whole set of brain functions determine the behavior of the person, warned the therapist psycho-emotional Nancy Bustos, in the program For your Health, which is transmitted by The Carabobeño Radio, Monday to Friday at 11:30am to 12:30pm, in which he recalled that our behaviors come from childhood.

As positive news, the specialist said that all those traumatic reactions, or adverse can be “reprogrammed” into a positive. “The brain has plasticity. And just as a computer has the opportunity to reset; but first you have to restructure those negative beliefs, which is done through the programming neurolingüistica”.

NLP is derived from the technique of the “deep Structure” to do the reframing in the person towards that part more optimistic, in that connection of thinking with the act of assertively. Also, there are therapies more simple as the statements: take a book or notebook of life, in which for seven days write “I am valuable” 35 times a day, as a flat, while in another sheet to place what we will happening. With the passing of time, will be waking up in our brain that talent asleep.

The same is valid, to stimulate the brain with some activity that we like. It happens that by nature, we focus on what we need, when there is a training to look at the gifts that give the circumstances. That there is always a learning.

It is not easy in the midst of the crisis that plagues the country, manifested Nancy Bustos. “Dissociate” is the key to achieve see those positive aspects and to transform us into a better person. Does not mean to walk in a “búrbuja” and say that everything is perfect. It means to see objectively the reality, although many have migrated, others are murdered or imprisoned not focusing on it, because we spend ourselves.

But, if you can observe how it has grown solidarity among venezuelans to stock up on, as in the event of concentration in the different gears. That sense of belonging toward the country, which times back not felt. And so, many positive aspects and be grateful for it, every day will be appearing positive things in our lives. In this way, we are training our brain to think positive.

And if each day, each one engaged in to improve as a person, in our character, in the way how we ask for things, because to the extent that we value ourselves more, and we love we can offer to other people.

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programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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