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To deepen family connections and performing physical movements, this brief treatment serves to terminate with fears, limiting thoughts and behaviors that do not contribute to our life.

By: Carolina Palma Fuentealba

Is it possible to live today, moment by moment, in connection with others, in calm and inner peace? How you can heal old pain with our parents or children, and become the best version of ourselves, even in difficult times? That question Jessica Riberi, a psychologist from the Catholic University, master trainner in Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP) and author of the book “Links of life”, Editions B. The answer? Yes you can.


Inside of the paths found is mainly NLP Quantum, Archetypes and Family Constellations. With clear examples, the author indicates the landscapes that we can travel if we want to be good. Happy, most of the time. “The NLP and the Constellations are strategic approaches. Therapies with these systems do not exceed the 12 sessions, because it quickly identifies the core that needs to be resolved for the system to reorganize,” explains Jessica.

Women have different roles, we are leading processes in different fields. Therefore, it is essential to manage the tension, the uncertainty, the frustration. The NLP Quantum delivers a model of work that points to new developments, to maintain a state of focused consciousness, to preserve the calm face of the difficult. All to keep the global perception of what’s really happening.
“There are levels of intervention. Sometimes you work with the person in relation to their own history, that allows you to live the life with all the ups and downs. NLP allows you to intervene at the level of beliefs, skills, behavior. Transforms all the resources that the patient has. Sometimes there are situations in the past that were printed imprints that limit us and take us out of our zone of excellence, which lead us to situations where comes the other kind of thinking, thoughts virulent. I can not, I am not able to, I don’t deserve it”, exemplifies the psychologist.

When integrating NLP with the Family Constellations, increase the results. With NLP, the person is able to manage the problem, but it is not going. When you incorporate the Constellations is shown the connection of your problems with the family of origin. “There is an energy field emotional that comes from your ancestors that may involve eight generations. NLP allows you to install the acceptance as a starting point in life. That changes the energy field that shapes your behavior,” says the author.

For example, at the beginning of the last century, had an infant mortality rate very high. There are many women who lost children due to diseases, there was also a lot of poverty and sexual abuse. All impacts in the offspring. “I sometimes meet with men with little life force, fragile, that it costs them to delve into their affections. Somehow they reject the masculine because the masculine is joined to the abuse of women. As today the respect, do not want to be men. Can also be very logical, pure head, because they can’t connect to anything emotional. When they enter the field-emotional, connecting with anger,” explains Jessica.

When you’re part of a family system, it defines you in some way. Therefore, when you reject the fate of your parents, you reject your very life, your relationships. “When you agree to your father, your mother, your history, install acceptance as a point of origin in the life. That opens you up to another quality of forces archetypal. When you reject the life, there are children injured, the victim, the perpetrator, the caregiver. When you open the door to look at life in compassion, you see everything with perspective. Acceptance is very important. If one does not accept the other as it is, not what loves you.”

If you are a woman who rejects her mother, both because you don’t like it as because you’re in charge of it, it is appropriate to analyze it. “When someone takes charge of his mother, he leaves the role of daughter. There are different forms of rejection. That will cut the connection to the feminine, you will be able to be the mom of the man, but not woman. If one rejects the father, rejects the first connection to the masculine, therefore, it becomes difficult to be between a man to the life. Only children arrive or father-figures”.

In our culture, in general, relates to our gender with attitudes, can be seen; sometimes even act as a mother to our parents. What happens in that case? “You install a script from the past which does not allow them to have a life of its own, and perpetuates the pain. Somehow when one is the mother of their parents have less availability to be the mother of his children. If you have children, they receive less mother. With these therapies you will unveil the truth, one understands where the problems come from”.

It is true that in the last century was the female image of vulnerable, passive, while the man was carrying the family, but there were generations of fighters. Riberi remember that the generation of women who now line the 60 years is revealed in front of that position. “They opened the way for us to work and take decisions. The women warriors refused to everything in the home, then the children of that generation also had a deficit. Be son of this generation is difficult, because they are women warriors, with little emotional connection”.

In terms of partner there is a movement also. “In the generation that is now bordering 80 years, the women were immersed in the pain of death, for their dead children, while the man gave battle to get ahead. The link partner was difficult. If one sees couples of 60 years, women are empowered, came off the birth control pill. In this space, the men looked, but they don’t stare because they were fighting for their rights. Currently, the generation of 30 years, look at it, establish contact”.

“There was a woman who had a huge penalty, that he could not, after passing by a variety of specialists, to know where it was coming from. With Constellations realized that caring for her mom. But who should take care of her really? His own mother. Therefore, it is identified with the energy field of the grandmother. Imagine a grandmother who had lost her mother early and eight children. Clearly the fate of the grandmother was full of pain. To be identified with it, enters the field of pain of the grandmother, there was his pain. The need for a return path, to return to being the daughter of his mother”, explains Jessica, to relate our problems with the ancestors.

In short, one has to accept the past of the family as it was. If your grandmother suffered, one can see the strength of that woman, that kept on living, doing family. “That way you will feel pride, because they are women they went forward. One comes back to humility, because you realize that you can not transform the past. The decision to save the parents from your life is a decision child, magic. As an adult, one takes consciousness of his great strength, he sees things as they are”.

In Constellations perform physical movements, acts of “psycho-magic”. Why? “When one does that job can intervene at the level of behavior, develop skills, transform beliefs. With these therapies you are intervening in the bond of the person with the life, the link is energetic. The energy connection is through the body, is not mental. In fact, in the new developments of constellations, Constellations, Quantum, is it all in silence, and we work with body movements to heal the person and the family system”.


Pleasures culpable -not so unintentional – that women love to do

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