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Being a leader in a company is not enough anymore, according to experts. The leadership is evolving and the concept of ‘chief leader’ is obsolete. Enhancing the resources of the brain, exercise motivation within the team work, to empathize with the emotions of others and reinforce the skills are just some of the features that must have the new leaders of the TWENTY-first century, the neurolíderes.

“The neuroliderazgo is to understand the mechanisms by which people are attracted and motivated by a leader and are willing to follow that person to achieve results”, says researcher of neuroconciencia, Marc Monroy.

From the perspective of corporate counsel in neuroliderazgo, Alejandro Barrientos, the start of any project must focus on the human capital and how they are encouraged to achieve common goals.


“In addition to the professional field, it is the human part and all the situations that it brings. Each person is a different world, unique and irreplaceable, and should be paid a neurolíder to the members of his team,” stresses Barrientos, adding that it should influence them in a way that will achieve results in your area of responsibility and performance, in general, will be above the standard level.

A study from Harvard University reveals that the success of a person lies up to 85% on the ability to develop professional relationships.
In addition, the master trainer in neuro-linguistic programming, Rodolfo de Angelis, says that the term leader should evolve. “The concept of leadership should change to ‘builder collaboration’, you know the interior of your work team and focus on how this conceived by the concepts of a company,” he says.

From the Thursday, August 3, De Angelis will provide a training on neuro-linguistic programming in the Camino Real hotel of Santa Cruz.

programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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