Nassim is a theoretical physicist who has developed self-taught one of the most incredible theories of unification of physics that exist today. Unification theories are theories that attempt to unify physics explanations of the small (atomic level) and big (cosmological level) … Nassim theory but has managed to explain more. His theory describes the structure and dynamics of what constitutes 99.99999999999% of what we see out there … space .. vacuum. According to science, the vacuum is not empty .. is full of energy … infinitely energetic. And because of this “infinitez” infinitely annoying, scientists decided renormalizarla (according Haramein what we try to do them all in school .. with varying success … obviously decided to give a finite value to infinitez and with that calculation, Nassim has reworked a theory supplementing the Einstein field equations, giving your first result, the condition of Schwardzchild or a black hole, all rotational dynamics, coriolis and gyroscopic effects other given at any system, which obviously vary notions of what we understood as reality, extending it to a reality in which all objects to be enjoyed, thanks to black holes or wells .. attraction and creation of infinity of sizes, held in place and create, all that exists, from an atom to a human, a planet, a star, a galaxy or surely the universe itself .. because, it seems, everything looks like autorrecurrente same fractal image, learning and experiencing itself …

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