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By: Lilihana Lara Arevalo

Many believe that behind that “word” contains a lot of nonsense, but the reality is that meditation is an ancient practice that can really improve your life.

Although the technique may vary, their intent is the same: focus on the time until you achieve a deep state of relaxation, which could reduce activity in the sympathetic nervous system and increase it in the parasympathetic system.

What in Spanish? Reduces stress, anxiety and blood pressure, decreases fatigue and insomnia, improves the flow of air to the lungs and it controls the pain.

As you can see, this practice can do a lot for us psychologically, spiritually and physically, but it is not practiced in excess by the number of myths propagated about it. These are just a few:

Meditation is a religious practice

True (in part). Meditation is often associated to some cultures and religions, but that does not mean it is exclusive. Whatever your beliefs, you may benefit from the meditation.

Not all are able to meditate

False. You don’t have to be a monk in a temple to meditate. You can all do it.

Yes, it is true that people who are easily distracted, are too nervous or have a lot of things in your head may have it more difficult, but that does not mean that they can’t meditate. It is a matter of learning to put the head in white and be patient.

You have to put yourself in a difficult yoga position to meditate

False. You don’t have to contonearte as the girl in the exorcist to meditate, or be overly flexible.

Although to meditate it is much better to keep the spine straight so that breathing is natural and simple, there is not a posture that you should adopt.

You can sit in a chair, or do it while you move and exercise. If you practice yoga, you could also incorporate meditation, but is not imperative.

You have to “sing” while you meditate

False. Although phrases or mantras such as “ommm” and other similar terms have been popularized in the media as part of meditation, what is certain is that the humming is unnecessary.

This is an optional tool that could keep consistent with your thoughts, but is not a requirement.

It takes years to learn how to meditate

False. As in all activities, the more you practice, the better you will get and the more benefits you will notice, but that does not mean that you cannot meditate from scratch.

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