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Sahaja Yoga is a non-profit entity that is present in more than 140 countries, whose purpose is for people to deepen in the knowledge of themselves through the practice of meditation, yoga and all forms of art, thus establishing the innate value of the human being and their own inner peace.

In Uruguay, it is developed from over 15 years ago video conferencing and free courses open to the public, and from 4 years ago, with the support of the INJU courses for young people, which is presented to the population these tools allowing the same to become instruments of action for your daily life.

Sahaja Yoga will be doing a Tour of South America-2017, an event that account in Uruguay with the support of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

In this opportunity, and for the first time in Uruguay, Sahaja Yoga is presented through art, music and dance, and the presentation is carried forward by a group of musicians, international artists, who will be touring all the countries of Latin America.

The functions in Uruguay will be held this Friday in the Auditorium Idea Vilariño and Saturday June 17 in the Auditorium Mario Benedetti, of the Tower of Communications of Antel.

Both performances are with free entry. Those interested in attending will be able to request your invitation


The purpose of the Tour Sahaj 2017, then, is to spread culture, with a message of peace and encounter with oneself, making use of the art of India to the people closer to an enriching experience full of joy, color, music, tradition and meditation.

For the uruguayan public this is a unique opportunity of access to a show of great level that involves, in addition, through the work of Sahaja Yoga in the world, a great message of peace, transmitting the values that have allowed international organizations such as Unesco are giving their invaluable support, to different activities as for example “The day of inner peace” which was held, last days, with great success in the schools of Madrid and that now, at the request of the addresses of the schools, extends to other countries of Europe.

About the show

With the purpose of bringing to the public an ancient culture that is slowly gaining recognition at the international level, there will be a concert conversation in which the public may participate and learn about the different elements that make up the classical music and traditional India, such as indigenous instruments, traditional dress, different languages, and languages of expression.

By means of musical performances invite the audience to live a practical experience, where you will be able to learn by means of the meditation of Sahaja Yoga that the culture does not belong with suspicion to a country or a particular region; it belongs to the essence of the human being, managing to break down the barriers that identified as a to be limited and disconnected from its environment.

During the presentation you will explain the most relevant aspects of the periods of the repertoire used, the most important works of the composers selected, as well as the evolution of the musical genres performed. Similarly, it will showcase the different musical instruments and give the opportunity to participants to learn in vivo techniques for their interpretation.

The invited artists have extensive experience and some of them have been award-winning in international events, ensuring the huge quality artistic and educational side of the concert, providing the opportunity for the public to make questions music of all kinds, generating and establishing a knowledge of this rich culture. The concert will last approximately 90 minutes.


ANJANA BASU, With a doctorate in classical music of India, Sangeet Praveen from Allahabad, a gold medallist in classical music across India and awarded by the Government of your country as the best teacher in the year 2004.

ANANDITA BASU, a recognized name in Sufi music Sahaja and Qawwali, from Kolkata, India, began his studies of Indian classical music at the age of 4 years with his mother and teacher, Anjana Basu.

ANINDA BOSE, a young talent of India, studied Indian classical music with his teacher and mother Anjana Basu and tabla (percussion-India) with the master Biswajeet Pal from 3 years of age.

KINGA MALEC, Dancer, Polish, choreographer, and teacher of dances from India, as well as artistic director of the IPCC (Indo-Polish Cultural Committee).

ANAND CHITNIS, Percussionist, table, dholak, mridangam tabla, darabuka. Has learned from masters of Polish and indian such as Jerzy Pomianowski, Ghiridar Udupa, Prosenjit poddar haveli, Uday Rajkarpoor and Sandesh Popatkar.

ANDRÉS ALARCÓN, engineer by profession, has learned table, dholak, stage performances and flute of different teachers of India and has traveled to master his art in more than seven times to India.

SUN, SHOE, singer, actress and dancer from Colombia, is part of the music group Turiya.

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