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The illustrator and Turkish artist Murat Palta began some time ago to make these beautiful illustrations based on scenes from famous movies with the style that characterizes the miniature ottoman.

By Fethullah Çelebi Arifi (Historian, poet, and painter) and/or Matrakçı Nasuh (painter and landscaper) and/or other painters at the court of Sultan Suleiman, the magnificent -Süleymanname MS. H. 1517, f. 149a, Topkapi Lib. Istanbul, scanning of the reproduction of «story of history» Arnold Toynbee, public domain

This style dates back to the ottoman empire. In the past, the miniature paintings often did not have the signature of their author; in fact, they were the product of collective work. A teacher conceived of the order of the figures, the perspective and comgeneral position of the scene; then, his disciples performed the stroke with black ink and later another group was coloring it.

For this tradition’s perspective is understood in a way very different, because the sensation of flattening the characters, backgrounds and objects is on purpose. The same box can be represented, as we see in these examples, various times and locations.

The rejection of a representation completely realistic can be explained by the vision of sufism, a form of mystical islam that was widely practiced during the empire. For his devotees the figures of all beings, living and non-living, was unstable and was in constant change, so that it was not worth spending so much effort in to represent them with accuracy.

In 2011, the Avocado made its first miniature with this style using characters and environments from Star Wars, all as part of an experiment for his thesis, in which it was proposed to blend the eastern tradition and the cinema contemporary western. Such was the success that it was decided to continue with the experiment and to paint other classic characters on the screen with this style.


Star Wars


The clockwork orange



Good boys

The origin

Kill Bill

Pulp Fiction


Terminator II

The godfather

The glow

What other movies would you like to see as miniatures ottomans?


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