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The mindfulness is considered a practice of meditation, a relaxation technique and an attitude more relaxed in life. Dr. Perla Kaliman, a professor of the University of Catalonia and researcher at the University of California, tells us that it is a tool that can be used in any situation and at any time of the day.

The goal is to get the everyday situations don’t affect you, that your emotions don’t play a bad past, you can take the best decisions in each moment and stop your mind produce thoughts which don’t lead to anything good.

It is a practice born in the East which has adapted to our style of life and offers you to manage your emotions, discover what are your thoughts recurring so that you can change them and thus regain your overall well-being.

The practice of meditation based on mindfulness is increasingly integrated into the clinical setting.

Numerous scientific studies are already showing that this type of practice improves the quality of life, reduce stress, health cardiovascular and helps the immune system.

Also found that meditation preserves the integrity of certain areas of the brain as we age and improves some of its functions such as for example the attention. All these data suggest that meditation benefits the general welfare, and promotes more successful aging.

The degree in psychology Marine Lisenberg (M. 18.851) adds that mindfulness is “paying attention, to learn to accept what is happening and choose how we want to relate with what is happening, instead of reacting impulsively”.

The learning of mindfulness is based on training the attention, to learn to be attentive when we choose to be attentive, and that the daily life can transform in a meditation in itself, according to what was explained in the day free of charge organised by the Foundation Rossi at the Auditorio Belgrano which was attended by Kaliman, Lisenberg, among other specialists.

Direct benefits

• Increases the activity of your immune system

• Increases your feeling of general well-being

• Your positive thoughts are on the rise

• Calm and relax your stress

• Decreases the risk of possible cardiovascular disease

• Increases your attention and your problem solving capacity


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