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In the schools use various ways to correct the students for disobeying in class or do not comply with the standards of the educational institution, the majority take measures such as calling attention, mention to the parents or to remove children when they consider who committed a serious offence or repeatedly.

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However, a college is giving what to speak for your way to correct their students, since that misbehaving is not synonymous with punishment in this place, but in the elementary school, Robert W. Coleman of Baltimore, the children have the opportunity to reflect about their errors through meditation and yoga.

In this school, the hall of punishment has been converted into a meditation space with mats and cushions. In this place the students who have misbehaved may calm down through breathing exercises and then return to class when they have learned on their mistakes.

The meditation room was created thanks to the program Mindful Moment that performs Holistic Life Foundation Inc., an organization concerned with the well-being of children and adults in Baltimore. The plan has given such good results that since you have opted for this initiative, because there are no more expulsions.

In addition, other colleges are already putting into practice with sessions of 5 – 10 minutes, in which the children performed breathing exercises and meditation basics along with some yoga practices.

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The specialists indicate that when children discuss with a partner, or have some problem in home, get angry and are about to blow up, they learn to stop and breathe deeply to better control their emotions. In addition, this practice helps reduce anxiety, improves your nervous system and ends with the headaches and stomach problems. What do you think?


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