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I am not a nun buddhist, I am not a sufi or a yogi, and much less an expert on meditation. But like many, I spent a period of illness. Since then, a single idea settled in my head for not ever leaving: I’M going TO BE HEALTHY, I AM HEALTH.

In my quest for wellness I stumbled upon a ‘little book’ in the library of my uncle (a doctor); “creative Meditation . Already before he had heard of the benefits of meditation for health and even I tried it without much success.

Some say that coincidences do not exist, or as they exclaim moms, ‘things happen for a reason’. So I decided to give him the opportunity once more; I began to read it with skepticism –there is a thin line between mysticism and trickery– and this was what I learned.

The best way to meditate

The best way to meditate does not exist. There are many techniques of meditation and there are even more exercises to meditate. However, the perfect way to do so is pure story. All the shapes are right, the only way to do it wrong is simply not to do it.

I don’t know if, like me, have in mind the idea of the person sitting in the lotus position, and that should always be done in that posture. Meditation obviously can be done in this pose, many as well prefer it, however it can be done sitting in a chair or even lying down with the leg bent (not to fall asleep).

Another myth that I discovered is that sometimes we blame the hustle and bustle outside. How can I meditate with all that noise? I need to find a quiet place or I can’t do that; the world is not silent and we can’t put mute at will.

This is why it is important to learn to meditate with all these distractions surrounding us. Want is power; in addition there is a place that we go to enter that is even more noisy: OUR MIND.

The resistance to change

 We call it distractions, some meditators call it resistance; sometimes we fall into what we know as a comfort zone. Sometimes to be sick, to live to the races, with stress, have a thousand worries in your head, it becomes so normal to us that without realizing it we become comfortable in it.

When we begin to meditate we also begin to liberate ourselves from all those weights and burdens that we shoulder each day and make us sick. However, it is possible that there is an opposite reaction because we are so accustomed to, the change can give us fear and the body resists.

How do we notice the resistance? There are several levels ranging from the physical to the subconscious. When we sat down and we started to practice we can hurt a little bit here, a portion there; that it is the first and is a more level body.

To the extent that we are continuing on, the resistance becomes more mental. We get the doubt if we turned off the stove, for example. If we continue with the practice we may think of a brilliant idea that we have to write already, but they all count as distractions.

The effects of meditation

When we are diagnosed with a future bleak, gives us encouragement to try different things; we don’t have anything to lose and sometimes we find ourselves with a lot of surprises. We are a whole, we are connected in ways we do not imagine.

The effect of our mind on the body is widely studied. Not we talk about magical healings, are called effects biopsychosocial. These are changes that occur in the body as we practice meditation.

When we quiet the mind and focus on positive thoughts, when those positive thoughts invade us, and fill us with feelings of happy, open the door to healing. Health is not just physical it also has an emotional component; if we treat the two as a set, any disease is made more bearable.

Meditation should not be a mystical ritual but a daily practice, a simple time to connect our mind and body and enhance our well-being. No pretense, no fear of doing wrong, without judging us if we had too many thoughts, or we got distracted.

20 minutes of 1440 which is one day to be with ourselves.

My experience in meditation and health - KienyKe 1


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