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Meditation. I know what you think when these ten letters sound one after the other: tibetan monks levitating, long tunics of poor aesthetic criterion and impossible positions for the knees of the average human. It sounds nice to your ears but know concept far, to spirituality, incompatible with the modern life, only to the extent of superheroes oriental hermits. I know this because, until a few months ago, my mental images about the meditation were exactly the same. But it would take very little to break each and every one of these prejudices.

I discovered the meditation as you discover almost all the good things: by accident. At that time I didn’t understand the magnitude of the power that the anxiety, the obsessive thoughts and the convulsive actions had on me. With all its drawbacks, that was for me the life as it must be, with their joys are fleeting and their anguish permanent. The life of all the world, she thought, full of rush, stress and continuous dissatisfaction. That’s why, when I was recommended Headspace, a beautiful application of meditation, I didn’t do the lower case.

meditacion-urbana -mileniales- La Meditación Me Está Salvando La Vida

meditacion-urbana -mileniales- La Meditación Me Está Salvando La Vida

A good day, however, something exploded inside of me. The way in which he lived there was making me happy, and I was determined to give a turn of 180 degrees. But what was the next step? Do you see a psychologist? How to give myself to the paleolife? Do you shoot up dopamine intravenous? I installed that application, I tried a pack of ten sessions, tours and a burst of light I lit up the soul. I understood, almost immediately, that the meditation was not such a technique alien or the divine that I had imagined. Meditation, after all, it was only an access to that I that lived buried by the millions of thoughts and emotions.

Because it happens to us all: the inner voices beyond us, dazed and confused. Our mind is a road full of traffic is loud and constant. We’re in the middle of the road, trying to reach some cars, trying to stop some other. Forming part of the maelstrom. And that, as you well know, it is exhausting. Instead, Andy Puddicombe, founder of Headspace, taught me an alternative: to stop chasing after traffic mental and sit down to watch the side of the road. Let it go and come, without judging. This, I felt, was the meditation.


A couple of weeks later, my perception of life had changed completely. The meditation I added readings as The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle. I glance back and I saw how much energy had been spent building and refining the future. How much effort had been used in the manufacture of a hypothetical happiness which in reality had always been inside of me. How much suffering he had endured for anticiparme to problems that could not solve because they did not yet exist. It was sad to cope, but to be able to do this was a gigantic step. And he had been able, thanks to all that learning.

Meditation is not miraculous. Meditation requires discipline, requires you to perceive your mind and your body at all times. So that when you eat, degustes the food. For when you read, enjoy every word. So that when you listen to your partner, you give one hundred percent of your attention. But it’s not about judging you. It is observe to realize when you have stopped to be there, when you travelled to the next step, next hour, next month. True peace and true joy are in the now.

tumblr_mnpu6ei4Qt1sq6vl4o1_1280 -mileniales- La Meditación Me Está Salvando La Vida

tumblr_mnpu6ei4Qt1sq6vl4o1_1280 -mileniales- La Meditación Me Está Salvando La Vida

The training never ends. Meditation is to the mind what sport to the body. If you run 10 minutes, you’re not going to notice anything, but if you do sport regularly the difference in your life will be abysmal. For me, when I meditate, when I get to be present, the anxiety and all the demons that continue to disappear. There is No place for it in the now because the now is all that I need. However, when I open my eyes, I wake up and go back to my day-to-day, the anxiety returns. That’s why meditation must be something more than a technique in isolation: it must be a lifestyle. Should I practice it when you brush my teeth, when I dance and when I walk. Should I embrace it with love. In this way, my life will be okay, my life will be safe.


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