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Meditation is a practice that helps us to improve our relationship with ourselves and with others.

And for the skeptics, the effects of meditation are proven scientifically by the following studies: The Yale University concluded that people who meditate have a greater awareness of themselves, the University of Wisconsin found that this practice enlarges the areas of the brain reserved to the happiness and the Harvard University found that meditation reduces high blood pressure and stimulates the immune system.

Meditation is a concept so abstract that each person lives in a different way. Some people practice it in order to be in contact with your side religious or spiritual, while others use it as a method of intellectual to get united’s most creative and emotionally positive.

The practice of meditation has physiological effects very specific in the body, such as:

– Enhances the mental and physical health

– Increases iq

– Develops emotional intelligence and empathy

– Improves memory

– Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

– Reduces blood pressure

– Increases happiness

By meditating we can reach a state of mental and physical serenity, inner peace, concentration and creativity. If you want to meditate at home, here I share some tips:

  1. Find a quiet place. You can put a dim light and soft music to help you relax.
  2. Sit on the floor in the lotus position, with your back straight and your arms and shoulders relaxed.
  3. You can have your eyes open and concentrate on an object that you have in front of or simply close your eyes and put all your attention on your breathing.
  4. Many thoughts pass through your mind, but you must let them pass, without to retain them. It is as if you can see a tv on your head, your thoughts, but do not pay real attention to any of them.
  5. Display positive images of yourself(to).

If you have a hard time to concentrate, you can turn to the sound, one of the most simple ways to enter the meditative state. To do this he recites a mantra, you can start with the famous “Om”. It is very simple and easily transported to a state of concentration.

As with physical exercise, do not perceive the results of this practice immediately. In fact, Miriam Subirana, teacher of meditation, says that “21 days is what it takes to appear the first symptoms that something is changing in our interior”

But this is not a change that happens overnight, but a progression to an emotional level that begins with small feelings until you get to see big changes in the way we see ourselves and how we feel.


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