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Several scientists claim that the exercises of meditation and respiration help to increase the blood flow in the genital area, causing in turn increase the level of excitation.

A study from the University of British Columbia in Canada, concluded that meditation helps to improve sexual life, especially women.

According to the research, to get best benefits of this relaxation technique should be performed at least three times a week for 25 minutes.

Among the sexual benefits offered by the meditation are:

It releases endorphins

Research from Georgetown University, point out that during the meditation releases a lot of endorphins. These neurotransmitters cause the levels of stress decrease, as well as depression, distress, and anger; they also are directly related to the process of falling in love.

If the meditation is practised one hour before having sex, people will feel joy and calm, which will cause people to enjoy sex more.

More intense orgasms

In addition to having a greater closeness with the partner, people who meditate regularly experience more intense orgasms, as well as reveal studies.

It improves the circulation of the blood

Experts in meditation claim that it has great benefits in the circulation of the blood, which is suitable for the development sexual.

Decreases the voltage

Stress and tension decrease the desire sexual, this is because the body experiences physiological changes which can lead to health problems.

The meditation helps to eliminate the negative effects making your mind relax and the muscles of the body.



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