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At the initiative of Eduardo Agüero and Alejandra Barrios, Psychology students at the University west central Lisandro Alvarado (UCLA), as a proposal of their thesis to obtain the degree that you are studying, decided to carry out to employees of THE MOMENTUM the activity “Pills Mindfulness to relieve stress at work”, issued by the psychologist María Natalia Ruiz, who has experience with this method and has had success abundant in their patients.

“The focus of the work of this technique is the attention as a cognitive process, which is taken and it looks like a muscle, it becomes something capable of being trained,” said Ruiz.

During 10 days, 18 workers of different departments of this company had the opportunity to learn this method that seeks the attention or full consciousness, helping organizationally in the work environment and in addition personally in the routine activities of each one.

“What you want is that you earn more attention of what happens in your day-to-day, and one of the goals of the meditation-formal and informal –that are the two ways of meditating – that is the deautomatization of processes, such as brushing, eating, walking, showering, or any everyday situation,” added the psychologist.

For the first time that this program takes a company in Barquisimeto, Ruiz assured to feel surprised of the rapidity of learning and the catchment of the workers of this newspaper. “It is amazing how already in the early days they had taken the positions, techniques and everything that involves meditation”, he exalted.

The beginning

This technique brings the meditation tibetan buddhist in the 70’s and occidentaliza by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn of the University of Massachuset where he created a clinic to reduce stress, wearing a program of working sessions. “What he does is occidentalizar meditation, it ceases to be traditional, but that changes a little the position, it is adapted to our realities,” said Ruiz.

At first it was used as a therapy of hospital and university, so that now the fact that it is implemented in a company is considered a breakthrough for the method.

Enriching experience

Then witness the end of this activity, it is evident the change which presented those who lived through this process, for it for the last day of the workshop expressed voluntarily their thanks and experiences with respect to the habit now, for many, will be a part of your day-to-day.

Expressing phrases such as “I am now more aware of my actions”; “thank you for this wonderful gift that we have given to you”; “I can see life from another perspective”, among other things. Thus, it is obvious that there are satisfaction, learning and tools acquired during the day.

The purpose is that you continue with this technique, perfected and put into practice in their routines. “If someone realizes that some process staff need to work with it on a psychological level, go to therapy and try to see each other at least once a month or every two months so you do not lose the work that we’ve done,” culminated Ruiz.

In the meantime, the students who organized this activity expect to be able to expand it and take it to different areas of the business.


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