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It is often said that most of the sexual practices in the west focused exclusively on the pleasure of the men. It is also stated that, in part, by the lack of knowledge of the female anatomy and in part by the demonization of the pleasure of the woman, the west inherited practices of machismo difficult to uproot. The roads to get out of that trend could be “orientalizar” some form of sex.

Following that premise to incorporate elements of eastern culture to aim to work on the female pleasure Nicole Daedone and Robert Kandell created OneTaste, a company founded in San Francisco and dedicated to the research and teaching of the technique of “meditation orgasmic”.

This technique focuses on the orgasm of women as point of contact, communication and bonding between two people, the all-embracing and caressed.

And is presented as a technique that not only facilitates getting to the orgasm, but that increases the intensity of the same prolonging it for up to 15 minutes. Its creators claim that it is the individual pleasure and not mutual.

Contact and dialogue

The proposal is concrete and comes attached with concrete to carry the bed loving. It is practiced on a nest with pillows on the woman, lying down, no clothes on the lower half of the body, so that your acariciador (asking for permission, concentrate on the sensitiveness of his companion, telling each movement) gently place your finger on the clitoris of your partner, and for a quarter of an hour to explore the sensations that occur. Then ensued a dialogue for both parties to verbalize and describe their experience to the other.

This practice is proposed as opposed to the idea that arises from the sexual practices traditional, which tend to be focused on achieving one goal: orgasm. Sex, common, or western, has a path that is progressive and ascending, and concentrates a lot of energy and then release it no more and leave “impoverished” or empty lovers.

In contrast, the meditation orgasmic is based on the complex path of the female orgasms, a roller coaster of feelings with no objective or principle. It is defined as a state of orgasmic or orgasm 2.0, a state of consciousness that is reached through the push of the sexual.

The organization seeks to “create a clean, well-lit place where sexuality, relationships and intimacy could be discussed openly and with honesty.” To do this, combine knowledge of tantric sex to extend the range sensory of its practitioners; meditation to give an account of the estaticidad of the body and yoga to become aware of the body in motion.

Ecstasy spiritual

The goal of your meditation orgasmic is to get to a spiritual ecstasy, encouraging emotional stability and allowing full connection with your partner through meditation. While it is a technique that does not exclude men, it concentrates exclusively on the female orgasm and the stimulation of the clitoris with the fingers.

Many claim that this technique helps to promote emotional stability and allowing you to connect more fully with the partner
Men should please the women so that they will be fully clothed while she was naked from the waist down. It consists in caressing the genitals of the woman while you both focus your attention on the sensation with the purpose of developing a resonance of connectivity.

There are courses on meditation, orgasmic, and people attend not for sexual problems, if not to improve and experiment in their sexual life. Attendees at these groups ensure that brings great benefits and help to the inner confidence.
The effects of this practice are linked with the brain. In accordance with dr. Pooja Lakshmin, a researcher at the University of Rugters, the same part of the brain is active during deep meditation or orgasm.

The men who do this practice do not get an orgasm later, but for connect with women and learn from their pleasure. The woman is discovered only from the waist down, therefore, the man who meditates with it you must be fully clothed.


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