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By Jayam Anantharaman

Human beings are the only species in God’s creation who make an issue out of nothing. Animals take life as it comes, but when man fails to do a certain thing or to possess certain things, he gets angry and slips into a depression. An individual’s decline begins with desire and ends in misery. To keep the mind happy, we have to learn to be content with minimum wants.

Meditation, music heal - Economic Times (blog) 1

Krishna said in the Bhagavad Gita, “From attachment desire, from desire anger, from anger infatuation, from infatuation, aconfused mind that results in loss of reason and leads one to ruin.” Gradually, by rearranging your priorities, you experience peace and calm. Bringing the mind under control is not a one-day exercise. It takes time to get into the habit. Meditation also helps the mind to concentrate and enables you to achieve great results.

Like meditation, music, too, has a tranquillising effect. Those of us who perform arduous physical or mental work will benefit by listening to good classical music or bhajans early in the morning before starting the workday. Good music is atonic; it has a healing effect.

People suffering from digestive disorders, diseases of the nervous system and backache can obtain great relief by listening to soothing music.

Likewise, by submitting yourself to nature’s grandeur — watching a sunrise or sunset in the mountains or by a beach, or sitting near a waterfall — you feel both ennobled and humbled. The Divine makes its presence felt in our lives, saving us from possible decline.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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