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Phil Jackson, his master of meditation

Account Pau #Gasol began to meditate upon arriving to the Lakers. The coach of that time, #Phil Jackson, the coach most successful in the NBA with 11 rings champion, 6 with the Chicago Bulls of Michael Jordan and five with the Lakers of Kobe Bryant, it was the practice of mindful breathing before each match.

Phil Jackson, also known as the zen master has contributed to bringing to the machista culture of the sport a touch of sensitivity, compassion, and love. The coach says: ‘If you do not love your team and your teammates to never give 100% of yourself.’ Their talks motivations included group meditations, with all the players in a circle holding hands.

This is a way to reprogram the mind and bring it to its primary state of clarity where he again feels capable of anything.

In California, it was where Pau had his first contact with #Meditation, where according to him this practice helped them to keep the spirit of the united team, something fundamental to any group work and much more so for one sport that develops its activity in direct, in the eyes of all the world, and where the ego of athletes can be a key factor when dividing a group or to reinforce it if you know how to channel it the right way. Says Pau Phil Jackson was a great teacher in that sense, and that’s one of the reasons for that is the coach with the most titles in history.


Meditation favours the recovery of the body

Gasol,considered as one of the best athletes in Spanish of all times, and without a doubt the best playing basketball, and it has continued with the practice after leaving the discipline of team california.

Both in Chicago, first, as now in San Antonio continued faithful to the practice, how good a result is offering to give the best of themselves to these heights of a career that has managed to extend thanks to the good care that it provides to your body and your mind.

Meditation helps focus the mind, clearing the doubts, but not only has effects on the mental level or emotional, but also contributes to a good night’s sleep and thus better recovery, which is essential for an elite athlete, especially when you are a veteran you can’t afford the luxury of mistreating your body. Today to be elite athlete involves being an expert in nutrition, motivation and cooperative work. Pau Gasol, ‘the nice guy’, as he is called in the USA is a good example of this and therefore we are glad both of your successes.


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