Meditation helps you to stop smoking –

Mexico.- Recent studies have shown that the practice of meditation is an effective tool to achieve smoking cessation through the reinforcement of our self-control. The benefits of meditation are widely known.

This practice reduces stress, blood pressure, and decreases anxiety. It improves concentration, develops your emotional intelligence and helps you to connect with yourself. Even causes positive changes in our grey matter. Meditation can change and improve your life, stated however in your portal.

In addition, is proven to help you stop smoking: “A part of all the psychological and physical benefits that meditation gives to those who practice, it also helps to strengthen our self-control against addictions such as tobacco,” says Marta Puig, founder of World Pranic.

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Beyond drugs or nicotine patches, meditation stands as the most recommended option to leave this harmful habit for our health. Every English smoker consumes an average of 2 thousand 481 cigarettes per year, employing approximately 282 thousand 039 euros in tobacco.

This study demonstrated that those participants who had practiced meditation reduced their tobacco consumption by 60% in an unconscious way and concluded that it can reduce the consumption of tobacco through self-control.


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