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the author .. not writing ...

Dina Kaplan

The author .. not writing …

Although I teach and study mindfulness .. we all have our moments. I just gave the biggest speech of my life, for TEDx Athens, and .. I procrastinated on writing it. I procrastinated so much I finished a 33-page book proposal instead of writing the talk!

Finally, eight days before the talk, it was time. I had to do it. Here’s the meditation that got me there:

Sit in a quiet place with your back straight and the top of your head facing the ceiling. As John Kabat=Zinn says, “sit with dignity.”

Visualize yourself having finished the project you need to complete. Because I needed to write a speech, I pictured myself giving the talk to an apt, grateful audience. I imagined myself smiling and having fun on stage. 

If you need to finish a report or spreadsheet, you can visualize yourself enjoying a walk around town, or in a park, after you’ve completed the task. Imagine how it feels to have this big project completed!

If you reward yourself with food or a massage, imagine enjoying your favorite flavor of ice cream or getting a fantastic massage.

How does that feel? Activate your senses – what do you see, hear, smell and taste when you reward yourself for getting your project done?  

Spend five to ten minutes really experiencing how you’ll feel once you’ve finished and are rewarding yourself for it.

Now spend two to five minutes silently repeating this mantra to yourself, in your mind’s eye: “I’m ready to do this, I’m ready to do this.” Experience how it feels to say this to yourself and take in the full meaning of the words. If you’ve really been procrastinating, do the full five minutes.

Then open your eyes. Smile to yourself. Don’t check email. Or social media. Start the project and keep going until you finish (the outline, the first draft or whatever you can do in one to two hours).

And, congrats! You did it! You have an amazing start! You’re on your way! Revel in the good feeling of accomplishing your goals.

The very first time I did this meditation I wrote an entire first draft of my speech afterward. I was thrilled. Please share your experience in the comments below — I can’t wait to see!

Dina Kaplan started and runs The Path, which teaches meditation for the modern mind. We invite you to join our meditations and to receive awesome invites by going to


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