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And is that it is to meditate 5 minutes a day is the cure for anti-stress. A healthy mind in a healthy body, that is the premise of meditation.

Don’t break your head, meditate, goes far beyond taboos, practices that are rare, sects or religions.

The practice of meditation does not force us to convert to buddhism or requires us to become people essentially spiritual.

It has to do with the ability to wake up to what the buddhists call dharma, the wisdom that is always present.

Do you are distracted easily? Don’t worry, if Julia Roberts managed it (in Eat, Pray, Love), you also.

Don’t force it. The practice makes the master.

This is the step-by-step for beginners:

Step 1. Simply decide which one is going to do to find the inner silence.

Step 2. Sit in a place without noise and well-ventilated place. Crosses her legs.

Step 3. Close your eyes, relax your facial muscles and let your thoughts flow.

Step 4. Once you’ve found a comfortable posture, become aware of your body in the present moment.

Step 5. Connect with your breath, without pretending to direct it or change it.

Step 6. If you are distracted, picks up. The art of meditation is to realize these ramblings, recognize them at the precise moment that they appear, and return later kindly to respiration.

Step 7. Go to the second meditation, which is to include all those sensations, both pleasant and unpleasant.

Step 8. Stay in silence.

Step 9. Count your breaths: inhale-exhale 1, inhale-exhale 2… and so on.

Step 10. If all else fails, remotely (as needed). Stare at some object: a fire, a fish tank… or something that will relax you.

The most important thing is don’t force it. Another option is to attend a workshop, to follow a meditation CD or guided to buy a book.


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