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¡A meditar!

Let’s meditate!

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Long meditation is a trend that beyond a fashion, actually sought us away from the stress, fatigue and depression, and go in search of the tranquility, the stillness, the happiness and the positive thoughts.

Meditation helps us to raise our concentration and, above all, learn to enjoy the present and leave the past behind. The advantages of doing this are endless, but thanks to a study, we now know that the men and the women, receive the benefits of a different way.

Yes, there is the gender gap in the meditation.

Researchers from Yale’s School of Medicine and Brown University, have just performed the first study on meditation, the results published in Frontiers in Psychology, show that women get more benefits of meditation than men.

In fact, the study involved 41 men and 36 women to university, and according to the results, men felt more stress after taking a meditation course of 12 weeks, before trying to start it.

The moods of the women were benefited in 11.6%, while the moods of the men showed an increase of 3.7%, a percentage not as significant. However, despite the fact that women showed better results, both sexes develop a range of skills of mindfulness-specific or whether, to achieve the introspection that may later help them to find peace.

With information from the Journal.


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