Meditation Ayurvedic to eliminate the stress – Daily Summary

This Saturday, at 19 hours in the cultural House, there will be a talk on experiential meditation ayurvedic for the awakening of the intelligence of biological and overcome the stress. With free entry and free of charge.

With the auspices of the Casa Argentina, India and the Honorary Consulate General of India,the talk will be the responsibility of the instructor Carlos Rossi, a board member of the Argentine House India, an entity that has among its members with the ex ambassador of India in Argentina Nigan Prakash and Sergio Lais, honorary consul of the Republic of India and head of the chair of Vedic Medicine of the Universidad Abierta Interamericana (UAI).

“The meditation ayurvedic procedure is a simple, natural and effortless that serves to eliminate deep-rooted stresses in the nervous system; but it can also be understood as an excellent technique to de-stress able to reverse the pathophysiological effects of stress, from a kind of rest extremely refined that it only takes a few minutes in the morning and in the evening”, explains Rossi.

On the dissertation indicated that “the message is to encourage the awakening of intelligence a biological body through a better management of rest and the power supply. In addition you are going to explain what it means to meditate from the medical point of view; the rest are in a state of alert, that is to say, rest awake. This technique is a missing link in our Western culture that is why, in the last 38 years many professionals related or linked to the health area have been rescued this medicine is very ancient, meditation, ayurvedic” adds the expert.

It also indicated that “there are procedures are very simple, which allows the person to easily recover the natural ability to reduce mental activity and physical, for a few minutes, just sitting in a chair with the eyes closed. With meditation ayurvedic experiencing a mental rest and physical deep, without leaving the waking state”, closes Rossi.


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