Meditation attenuates the genes of inflammation | N+1: articles … –

Meditation attenuates the genes of inflammation | N+1: articles ... - 1

Practices such as meditation or tai chi to not only calm the mind: in addition, would affect in a positive way to our DNA. A recent study argues that these activities bodily-mental attenuate the activity of genes associated with inflammation, essentially by reversing the molecular damage caused by stress. These findings were published in Frontiers in Inmunology.

Practices of body and mind such as meditation and mindfulness have increasingly reputation of protecting those who practice it against stress-related illnesses, from arthritis to dementia. Despite the fact that there is plenty of evidence that the aforementioned practices can relieve stress, so far there had been scientific studies that report benefits in the physical state of the people.

Strengthen the inner peace

Recent developments indicate that it is more accessible to study patterns of gene activities within cells and from this, has generated a growing interest in using these approaches to investigate how to strengthen the inner peace could affect the immune system and the risk of disease.

Therefore, a team of neuroscientists from the University of Coventry, Uk, conducted the first systematic review of all the studies that had to do with what related to the topic in mention. We analyzed 18 studies including 846 participants, jobs from 2005 until 2014, who wondered whether activities such as tai chi, yoga or meditation affect the genetic activity of people problems such as insomnia.

Despite the fact that the depth of the studies was varied and complex results, emerged a new pattern. The genes related to the inflammation became less active in people who practiced activities, bodily and mental. Those genes controlled by a key protein that acts as an “on/off” the inflammation called NF-kB, seems to have been particularly affected, presenting a lower activity.

And what about the exercise?

Inflammation is the first line of defense of the body against infections and injury, but can damage the body if it is kept active in a more long-term than normal. It is, itself, a significant way in which psychological stress can increase a person’s risk of getting sick. Chronic inflammation is strongly related to psychiatric disorders, asthma, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative disorders and some types of cancer.

The results of this work suggest that the activities of body-mental could help to reduce disorders related to inflammation, not only psychological, but also physical. Still more studies are needed to determine to what extent these changes improve the physical health. More studies also are needed to understand the effects of other activities bodily-mental as exercise or diet.

Daniel Meza
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