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The artist Rocío Gordillo and his series of paintings of meditation will be present in two exhibitions for this weekend.

Boring of figurative art, Rocío Gordillo decided to give it a touch more abstract approach to his work and to use the technique of Vipassana meditation and working with encaustic wax to create a series of panoramas space: “The result is a kind of nebulae, as landscapes of the space. It is a creative process similar to what I was doing but different in question of the result”, says the artist, a graduate of the master of Visual Arts at the UNAM. And so it came about that his graphic series The act of attention within the painting, from which were selected some works for two exhibitions, one at the Yam Gallery in San Miguel de Allende) and in the Project Gallery H (Mexico City).

Sprayed it takes many years meditating, but over the past four knew the technique Vipassana, which complemented their concerns and studies about the influence of buddhism on the art: “What I like is that it potentiates the attention and I think that is what leads to awareness of many things. You’re opening up sensually to many senses only by being attentive to a certain part of your body. And on the other hand, the mind… that is to say, to see what it is that you are thinking or how it works, it interested me a lot.”

“I started to investigate what kind of techniques there were. And I went to India, and from that experience I worked in the to meet you, and I started to work with masks and characters, thanks to the idea that we have multiple personalities. The process of learning Vipassana is isolated 10 days in total silence and in the retreat that I went to meditabas from the 4 to the 8”.

The process has to do with self-knowledge: “The idea is that you get out of your comfort and what you have learned takes you to get to know you better. As you put it in a place that is new and they don’t know how you will act, and this gives you so much more learning, as opposed to something that you have already mastered and do every day.”

The Gallery exhibition Project H (Guadalajara 88, colonia Roma) goes by the name Red Star, Winter Orbit, is a group show curated by Violeta Horcasitas, where the theme is the transformation of spaces associated with the cosmos. For its part, the exposure of the Yam Gallery in San Antonio 20, int. 1, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato), is entitled Intervals and a solo exhibition, curated by Humberto Moro.


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