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The meditation and the music improve both memory and cognition of people suffering from memory loss and cognitive ability in early stages, and that in the long run, they could suffer almost with total security, alzheimer’s disease, as confirmed by a study led by dr. Kim E. Innes of West Virginia University (united States), which has been published in The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.
The research took as its sample a total of 60 people, with an average of 60 years, suffering from a cognitive impairment in their initial phase, they were assigned to one of two activities: listening to music, or meditate; in both cases a few minutes a day over a period of six months. After this time, it was found that both listening to music, such as that meditated, improved cognition objective, as well as your mood, anxiety levels, and your overall quality of life.
The benefits were measured again at three months, and six; three months after having participated in the research, patients not only continued to maintain the cognitive benefit, but that they had even improved their baseline values. Some benefits were still present six months, but will vary in function of sex or age. The improvements occurred in the areas of cognitive functioning most likely to be affected in preclinical stages and early dementia, such as attention, executive function, and the function of the subjective memory.
This is not the first time that are associated with the benefits of the music or the meditation with neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia, or alzheimer’s disease. Thus, a group of Spanish researchers made public in 2014 an article that after analyzing 11 studies, published between 2003 and 2013, noted how the music therapy was beneficial in patients with dementia, improving the behavioral disturbances and symptoms of anxiety and agitation.
In the case of meditation, a study published in 2015 by researchers from the american university in Thomas Jefferson found how to practice meditation for 12 minutes a day contributed to an increase in blood flow in the brain, and reduced levels of anxiety, depression and stress of the patients, all of them potentially agravadores of this type of disease.

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