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The catholics living today, his feast of greater importance, as the Sunday of Resurrection or Easter, is the fact that gives true meaning to our relationship, just with the resurrection of Jesus. Is that that way, Christ triumphed over death, opening in such a way the gates of Heaven.

It then remembers this event with joy, with great faith and great hope, being the Paschal Candle -lit in all the temples – which represents the light of the risen Christ, remaining so until the day of the Ascension, when Jesus ascends to Heaven.
The resurrection of Jesus is also a historical fact, strengthened with irrefutable evidence such as the empty tomb and the appearances of jesus Christ to his apostles.
The christian hope is also held in this day of so much significance and importance, since if Jesus is alive and well with us, then what can we fear? Any suffering, any hardship, any evil that now seems to us to be tremendous and insurmountable, it makes sense with the Resurrection. St. Paul explains this saying: “If Christ had not risen, vain would be our faith” (1 Cor 15,14). If Jesus had not risen, his words would have stayed in the air, his promises had remained unfulfilled and dudaríamos that I really was God. But, as Jesus himself was resurrected, then we know that he defeated death and sin; we know that Jesus is God, we know that we will be resurrected also, we know that won for us eternal life and this way, our whole life makes sense. The Resurrection is a source of deep joy.
Let us celebrate this Easter Sunday with recollection, with serenity and joy, with the image more present than ever of Jesus iluminándonos from his profound mercy.
This party determines the rolling calendar of other religious celebrations: the Ascension (the ascent of Jesus to heaven) is celebrated 40 days after Easter, and Pentecost 10 days after the Ascension. The week previous to Easter is Holy Week which begins with palm Sunday (commemorating the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem). The Octave of Easter (popularly known as the “week of Passover”) is the week that happens to this Easter Sunday (or Resurrection Sunday). The easter season, or Easter time appoints, in the catholic liturgy, the weeks that go from easter Sunday until Pentecost.
With respect to its historical background, the biblical record says that the night before his death, Jesus met with his disciples to celebrate the jewish Passover. Subsequently, he instituted what is known as the “Lord’s Supper”, and he told his apostles to “Keep doing this in remembrance of me” (Luke 22,19). The Lord’s Supper was to be celebrated once a year; it commemorated the death of Christ.
This celebration also features various liturgies of easter, the most popular is the Easter eggs. For a long time, was forbidden to be eaten in Lent; not only meat, but also eggs. That is why the day of Passover, the people ran to bless large quantities of them, to be eaten in the family and distribute them as a gift to neighbors and friends. During the Middle Ages, in Holy Week, it was common for the census feudal were paid with eggs. And provided that the payment day was Easter Sunday.
Very expected, in the midst of the joy, the faith and the christian joy that is the Resurrection of the Lord, with all of its immense significance, are the masses this Sunday, as it is the main one in the world who will preside over the pope Francisco in St. Peter’s square in the Vatican City, with the assistance of the entire diplomatic corps, cardinals from around the world, prelates, priests, and nuns, in addition to the tens of thousands of pilgrims who here will play havoc with the Square.
Here in Rafaela, is in the Cathedral of Saint Rafael the call of the christian, in the mass central who led last night the bishop Luis Fernández, call of all catholics.
For that we open our hearts to the faith in the Lord, whose example is a constant expression of renewal, our wish happy Easter!!


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