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It was launched in Argentina, the app Meditation, based on mindfulness. It is a development of the company Mindfulness Everywhere, the creators of buddhify, the app of meditation best-selling. This new app has many benefits as seeks to help people to develop the calm, self-awareness and kindness in your hectic everyday life.

It is of 21 guided meditations that can be used in different situations: waking up, traveling, walking, in a pause in the work, in times of stress, in the house and to go to sleep.

The application is available both for devices iOS as Android.

It also offers a timer to help users practice meditation on your own. For those who want to know a little more about this practice, and provides key information about the mindfulness. Another of the advantages that are found in the app are dozens of practices brief that users can test for themselves.

Rohan Gunatillake, creative director of Mindfulness Everywhere and considered by Wired Magazine as one of the 50 people who will change the world, he said: “Thanks to the growing evidence on the benefits and effects of meditation based on Mindfulness, there are more and more people in Argentina interested in trying it out for themselves. But the problem is that the vast majority of the apps and courses are in English and require that the person have a lot of time available for learning. As a company, we are passionate about making Mindfulness accessible to people around the world and in a way that is easy to practice. This is the reason that we believe Meditation».



“We have released this initial version with 21 meditations and we are already planning at least two of the meditations for later in the year. We strive to make the best app meditation to the people of Argentina and it is for this reason that we give them the possibility to make suggestions for new meditations directly through the app,» added Gunatillake.

The advantage of this app is that it can be used anywhere: in the office, in the home, while a person is traveling, walking. This is a benefit compared to most of the apps and meditation courses common to imply that a person may need 10, 20 or 30 minutes exclusive per day in order to meditate. In the routine of every day, it is difficult and almost impossible to find that time to practice meditation.

Meditation is the solution since it offers a variety of meditations from mindfulness, authentic and effective that they can listen and perform along with the activities that are taking place at that time.

As not everyone has the possibility of access to classes or meditation courses face-to-face, the appss and other technologies are a good way of helping people to be introduced in this practice.

“This last year was very good for Mindfulness Everywhere. Our app in English, buddhify, exceeded 50 million minutes of meditation. We launched an app based on the dream call Sleepfulness and we also developed a product called Kara, in partnership with one of the top hospitals for cancer patients in the united States, which uses techniques of mindfulness to support people affected by this disease. But of all of our products, we are mainly excited about Meditation Already. Not only allows us to share our unique style of mindfulness modern with a new country, but also to learn about what makes them special to Argentina in terms of Mindfulness and well-being,»said Gunatillake.



The mindfulness and meditation

Mindfulness is the natural ability that we all have to be aware about what is happening in our experience. We are aware when we can be aware of what happens in our body and mind while it is happening. For example, in this very moment, while you’re reading this, you can be aware of the physical sensation of your feet on the ground or notice any tension in the upper part of your back.

Therefore, it is important to train the mind with techniques based on mindfulness to overcome the problems imposed by modern life and that leads to split attention and consciousness. From mindfulness, you can regain control. This process of training the mind in deliberate and voluntary is what is called meditation. There are direntes styles of meditation with many benefits and effects.

Benefits of mindfulness:

-Overcome anxiety and depression

-Properly manage stress and chronic pain

-Develop healthy habits and achieve a greater physical and psychological wellbeing

-Develop concentration, compassion, empathy, and increasing our energy

-Reduce stress and distractions

-Improve sleep

-Improve the desempleño under pressure

-Increase the ability to handle difficult emotions

-Feel more prepared to face the challenges that life presents them

The meditation based on the mindfulness is originally from the buddhist tradition, therefore, was always linked to people interested in spirituality. However, in the past 30 years, mindfulness is being practiced outside of a spiritual context or religious. It is practiced in different areas as: health care, companies (For example, Goofle has its own internal course of mindfulness), sports and education.

The National Health Service of the Uk recommends the courses of mindfulness and a recent study from Oxford University showed that mindfulness is as effective as drugs for people suffering from depression recurrent.


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