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The scientific and academic world start to discover the benefits of meditation, applied to modern life, to relieve physical and emotional ailments commonly associated with stress.

Meditation, as a fundamental exercise in various religious and mystical, used especially in eastern cultures, it is well-known as a way to achieve a higher degree of spiritual elevation. After having been adopted for a long time by the modern western culture, a lot of people that the practice has typically recognized for their positive effects to the mental, physical and emotional, in the ordinary life of every day. Now you have something to say also scholars and scientists.

A recent study, led by researchers at the Brain Institute, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Sao Paulo (Brazil), came to the conclusion that meditating regularly helps to reduce stress and to alleviate the various health problems associated with it. The study was able to verify experimentally that the practice methods of relaxation, breathing and meditation, in a certain period of time, succeeded in reducing by 35 percent the symptoms of stress, 28 percent of sadness and concern, and a 14 percent fear and irritation.

During eight weeks, a group of 70 women who occupy positions of professional level in a big company, cosmetic, participated as volunteers in the study, with face to face sessions of an hour and a half throughout the week. The volunteers were also encouraged to perform the practices at home, for 15 minutes, at least four times a week, guided by audios specially prepared.

As part of the scientific literature of the study, the questionnaires of control showed that the stress, the great villain of modern life and one of the main complaints of women, it decreased by 35 per cent in the month previous to the research. There were also improvements in other psychiatric symptoms usually associated with stress. The feelings of sadness and worry, for example, fell by 28 percent of the cases.

In the professional field, the participants with higher stress levels at the beginning of the study had a significant improvement in your performance at work, then incorporate the practice of meditation. Tests of functional magnetic resonance imaging performed in those cases put in evidence a change in the pattern of functioning of the brain, before and after you begin with the practices of relaxation and meditation.

The sessions included theoretical and practical content, based on the techniques of relaxation, concentration and meditation, always focused on the stimulation of positive psychology. “Instead of treating the ailments, positive psychology helps people develop their virtues,” explains Elisa Kozasa -, one of the researchers responsible for the study at the Institute of the Brain. “It is associated to practices of gratitude and the cultivation of empathy in personal relationships. Rather than worrying about reducing stress, the program directs attention to the style of life and way of looking at the world, shifting the focus from the problematic aspects and negative of life into positive aspects”.


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