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…physical, mental, and emotional

Benefits for the physical, mental, and emotional gives the meditation.

Puebla, Pue.- Technique of mental training used for millennia to benefit the physical and mental health is daily Meditation, which can combat emotional, physical, and increase intellectual capacity or memory, and the feeling of well-being.

The psychologist Ernesto Villamil Torija and specialists MisRemedios, to the point described, ensure that to meditate is to concentrate on a single point as your own breathing, the sound of water, of nature, or of a tibetan singing bowl (composed of an alloy der 7 metals: silver, gold, mercury, tin, lead, copper, and iron forged in the traditional way); whilst many people prefer to combine meditation with other disciplines such as yoga, to harmonize body and mind.

When you meditate daily, there are benefits to the physical, mental, and emotional, among which are:

Increases the feeling of well-being.- Thanks to the focus on a single point, meditation allows you to keep the mind blank and so leave behind any problem or concern, encouraging a feeling of well-being.

Stimulates areas of the brain associated with happiness. Meditation stimulates certain areas of the brain that relate to happiness and sense of well-being. Decreases the activity of other areas associated with states of mental disorientation or thoughts empty, which often trigger stress, anxiety and depression.

Releases the stress. Meditate after a hard day can help a lot to get rid of all accumulated stress. Thanks to this focus on a single point you can let go of all that cluster of issues and concerns that generate stress and get relax.

Reduces anxiety. Anxiety is a disorder that seriously affects daily life. Occasionally, someone suffering from anxiety don’t even know what triggers it off. Meditation can help to get rid of that discomfort and the anxiety generated by the anxiety, thanks to its ability to induce a state of absolute relaxation and to increase the feeling of happiness and well-being.

Prevents depression. Thanks to the increase of the feeling of happiness and general well-being, meditation helps to prevent depression. In addition, if you already have, meditating daily also help to combat it.

Improves the immune system: The areas of the brain that stimulates the meditation, related to the feeling of happiness and well-being, also they are in charge of giving orders to the immune system and thus, help to improve the functioning of the immune system that will fight the external aggression of a faster and more efficient.

Reduces high blood pressure. By the state of utter relaxation that comes with meditation reduces high blood pressure, which is one of the risk factors that trigger heart attacks and other problems related to vital organs like the heart and kidneys.

Fosters creativity. To get to this state of absolute relaxation thanks to the meditation, you will get that focus a lot better. So, the inspiration and the ideas will flow much more easily, and encourage creativity.

Power concentration and memory. Meditation consists in concentrating only on the breath or the point that it has been decided to focus. If practiced daily, it will literally train the brain, thus improving both concentration and memory.

Increases intellectual abilities: meditation greatly improves concentration and ability to focus and focus on a single task. For that reason, increases the intellectual capacity and even promote the taking of decisions.

Helps to get to sleep. Thanks to its ability to leave the problems and worries aside, and to get leave the mind blank, meditation is a great ally to sleep. This state of utter relaxation helps greatly to sleep, if you prevent it from doing so are the worries and the give too many things around.

Reduces the pain. The concentration and absolute relaxation that it provides the meditation helps to reduce the pain, both physical and emotional. This is thanks to the focus on a single point and to the stimulation of the areas of the brain associated with the sense of well-being and happiness. All of this supports you to put aside any kind of pain, brining him out at the time.


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