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Meditation is revolutionizing the world. More and more companies include practices among its employees. And there are already scientific studies comparing: what will be the best to maintain happy, healthy and creative employees? Do a mini nap or a mini-meditation? And the winner is: meditation.

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Steven Poelmans, expert in neuroliderazgo, works with a variety of initiatives to reduce stress at work: “Under stress we stop thinking. The brain needs serenity for it to work. The best way of managing talent is to manage the stress, which is critical in the work,” he says.

Excited with the idea of training the talent, large companies already use it. Insurance of the improvements in the state of health of meditators, some well-known health systems of our country have already started to promote your practice with direct discounts in the establishments where they teach you different meditation techniques.

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Richard Davidson, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin and practitioner of meditation-style buddhist, is a leader in a new area of science: neuroscience contemplative. This branch of neuroscience is studying the changes that occur in the brain thanks to the practice of meditation, and indeed many are.

On the other hand, dr. Madhav Goyal, of the School of Medicine of the Johns Hopkins University, argues that it is only half an hour per day of meditation relieves significantly the depression.

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But they are not the only ones that are dedicated to observe the effects of the meditation. Studies thrive in all parts, explaining different aspects of the benefits that we achieved for the practice. Some of them are:

* Brains younger product of the formation of a higher density of neurons and increased roughness, which means that there is better ability to process information.

* Concentration and mental agility improved which favors the development of creativity.

* As therapy, anti-stress in the workplace regulates emotions , and enhances the serenity and well-being.

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* Also improves the working climate and relationships in general, because it increases compassion and emotional state of empathy, intense, associated with love and kindness.

* Balances the self-esteem, because it improves the self-perception, the sense of the deep self and, from that place more fully, we interact with the environment much better.

* Treatment for pain: it is a super pain reliever, even meditators inexperienced manage to soothe the pain.

* Treatment for insomnia: thanks to its power of relaxation improves the quality and also the amount of hours of sleep and, as we know, sleep is crucial for the work, the repairer of the body and creates health.

* As if outside little, improves the heart and prevents heart attacks heart and brain, that it acts as a regulator of blood pressure to create states of well being and serenity.

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* A few minutes of practice per day rest and energize the brain more than a nap.

In conclusion, the increase of the ability to achieve mental focus results in companies as well as higher productivity. This is the combined result of personal well-being in addition to the better climate in the workplace, that is why there is less absenteeism due to illnesses arising from stress at work.

It also promotes better for those who occupy managerial positions, they naturally have a greater burden of responsibility and stress.

In reality they do lack a very few minutes of practice to make the difference. The important thing is to teach the technique and to indicate that its practice was to hold.

Meditating in the office

We spent many hours of the day in our places of work, if those hours were spent under friction with superiors or colleagues in turn, increases anxiety and probably do bad at our jobs and get sick.

There is the idea that to connect with states of fullness there is to be on vacation or doing a retreat. But you do not need to go to meditate at a sacred mountain. The practice teaches us that the sacred mountain is inside us and that with very little we can do to the hours we spent at work much more enjoyable.

The larger companies, which naturally have more physical space, they are creating a place in their facilities especially prepared for the meditation. Given that in reality you do not need anything at all is a fairly straightforward task.

Business girls often do not have spaces available to book one exclusively for meditation. But when the meditator has understood the technique does not need anything more than a few minutes to be harmonized and continue with your work.

You only need a few minutes to change your mental and emotional state.

* You can find relaxing music to disconnect from the environment for a few minutes and regain calm in your desktop.

* Take off your shoes going to help you to download the tension accumulated.

* Three breaths are sufficient to initiate a practice very beneficial: just notice the rhythm of your breathing.

* There are many ways of meditating, finding the one that is effective for you.

By Mónika Correia Nobre, an astrologer, a teacher of meditation and founder of Astroflor School of Antakaranac.

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