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Who could possibly say “I” if we were to ask for someone who does not have concerns, for whom the day is enough for work, study, take care of the family, exercising and having some time to relax comfortably.

Probably no one you pass 30 years of age, be a woman and have a family say “I”. If you come back with other questions such as: who feels more intelligent than before, introspective, attentive to the details in the multiple tasks of the day, the more agile mentally, loaded of positive energy, without stress or anxiety? The answers would vary, but neither would we have responses from 100 percent.

With all these ideas in mind is that I want to encourage readers to seek more information on the benefits of meditation.

Scientifically it is proven that physically he can improve the immune system, reduces pain, and inflammation at the cellular level.

Today we can find on the Internet and in the bookshops guided meditations for those who are starting up and need help in the process.

The constant practice also helps to overcome depression, anxiety and stress.
Meditation also helps with the functions of the brain and its regeneration and retraining, both after illnesses such as stroke, depression, diabetes, and cancer, among others.

The creativity, attention, memory, and the wisdom to benefit from meditation, because the gray matter increases in quantity and volume.

There are many studies done on the topic that attest to these claims. I can say that I have seen some of its effects on people I work with, in addition to my own experience. One of my favorite pages on YouTube is candy to the Soul.

There are many other to the spirit of each one. I try it and tell me!


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