Meditate to 10,000 metres of altitude – The

13 September 2017 11:25 AM | Updated on September 13, 2017 11:27 AM

Before addressing everything should be in order as documents, baggage, tickets, and reservations, among many other points, which translates many times in irritability and nervousness. Hence that it is not strange that some major airlines have begun to offer tutorials of meditation and relaxation for adults and children with the goal of making more pleasant the experience of flying

It is the case of Air France, a company that realized that the current offerings for a long-duration flight are not enough to make the trip, especially long ones, are not pleasant.

Hence, do not feel surprised if, when navigating the inflight entertainment system is located – between the movies, music and games – with manuals, audio-visual for conducting meditation sessions guided to get a rest more profound.

However, today airlines such as Delta Air Lines go beyond that and have proposals similar to the French. In this case we call it “oh my God, I also can’t meditate” (OMG. I Can Meditate) with short 10-minute videos that teach you how to control breathing and anxiety.

British Airways, for its part, sought alliance with the creators of the app Headspace and developed a version for its entertainment system, which now features videos, nine in total, with teachings on how to control the body and the anguish suffered by many of its passengers in the face of a long-duration flight. Even, teach techniques to decrease the unpleasant jet lag, something that will definitely be appreciated.


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