Meditate 11 minutes can reduce your cravings for alcohol – Salud180 (blog)

Have you heard of ‘mindfulness’?, this practice of meditation awakens bodily sensations and internal forces you to live in the here and now.

Researchers from the University College London have found in mindfulness, a technique for people with alcohol problems, significantly reduce your consumption of beverages.




The study carried out with an alcoholic, it began with 11 minutes of meditation, where combined techniques of relaxation and living in the present time.


Those who managed to interact successfully in practice, reduced their consumption of alcohol in 9.3 units, a total of three and a half beers per week. A total of 12 to 15 beers unless it is a progress very considerable, by applying the technique for eleven minutes a day.



The ‘mindfulness’ connects sensations and emotions, to reconnect people with their true self, which manages to reduce impulses and anxieties, including the consumption of alcohol.


The body is affected when you drink alcohol, both physically and mentally, causing problems of depression, chronic degenerative and cardiovascular diseases.


The practice can be done in any part with the same technique of concentration, we advise you to quiet places, well-lit and with little noise.


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