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Relaxation on board, trips surprise and even biometric recognition. What are the latest innovations from airlines looking for flights to become most pleasurable experiences and to measure.

Mexico city, July 21 (However/Infobae).– Relaxation on board, trips surprise and even biometric recognition. What are the latest innovations from airlines looking for flights to become most pleasurable experiences and as

For many, flying is a necessary evil before every adventure. For others, however, it is a unique experience that would add an extra spice. That is why airlines around the world are focusing all their energies on converting the trip into a personalized experience of quality, and offer alternatives unique for all tastes. What are some of the developments more attractive and innovative.


Air France launched its new meditation program on board through the application of Mind for their long-distance flights. Since June, young people and adults can discover the benefits of meditation through sessions guided unpublished in the new section “Meditation” of the individual screens of the planes of Air France.

The program is composed by: six sessions for children, inspired by the book Quiet and attentive like a frog, Eline Snel, from the publisher Les Arènes and six sessions for adults from the best-seller to Meditate day-to-day, Christophe André, of the editorial L Iconoclaste. Each program, consisting of an audio track and a video, offers a unique content to familiarize yourself with the concept of mindfulness (mindfulness) and feeling in harmony with an environment as unique as the universe air. A simple way to reconnect with one’s self: just sit back and close your eyes.


“The plane trip is a good opportunity to invest time in yourself. Time to rest, read, reflect, watch a movie and, why not, time for meditating… The meditation exercises that we propose here, many of which have been specially designed for Air France, is based on a simple method and lay, validated by scientific studies,” said Christophe Andre, author of Meditating day-to-day. With the goal of demonstrating how meditation can help people who suffer from fear of flying, Christophe André has worked in partnership with the center for anti-stress of Air France, which offers support to passengers from 10 years ago.


KLM became the first airline to offer its customers around the world with confirmation of your booking, notification of check-in, boarding cards and status updates of your flight in ten languages, including Spanish, through Twitter and WeChat. In this way, you can check the information in a single place, whether you are in the airport, during the journey or at your home. In addition, clients can directly contact with the agents of the social networks Facebook, Twitter and WeChat KLM.

In 2016, was the first airline in the world to offer documents and information from flights through Facebook Messenger. Now, get back to be the first on Twitter and is the first airline outside of China to provide information on flights through WeChat.

“After Messenger, to offer information of flights with KLM on Twitter, and WeChat is a perfect addition to the social media strategy of KLM. We believe that we must be where our customers are. With this innovation, KLM carries its social networking service to a higher level, offering their customers the possibility to choose your favorite channel of communication. In this way, we are still the pioneers of aviation,” explains Pieter Elbers, president and CEO of the air company.


Airlines such as JetBlue have already started to test on certain flights and their systems of biometric control, by which the passengers are identified through facial recognition and fingerprints, which eliminates the need to again show the boarding pass before boarding.

With this new system, the person should only approach the boarding gate and pass through a control of automatic recognition, which will allow you to get on the flight without having to be once again showing the corresponding documentation. This system will be more economical for the company, faster for both parties, and more secure.

The tests were commenced in June, flights from Boston to Aruba. Image: JetBlue

JetBlue started already to implement this system month on your route from Boston to Aruba, in which the passenger must pass through the control mentioned above, and a green light will indicate that you are authorized to ship. Delta, for its part, in addition to the facial recognition that will use JetBlue will be adding the fingerprint, a method that has already begun to try in Washington.

“We are moving towards a system in which in the future only the iris or the face will be needed to make a shipment,” said the head of operations of this airline Gill West. Delta also reported that soon will also seek to implement facial recognition for the luggage during check-in.


The airline German Lufthansa launched the “Lufthansa Surprise”, an option available in your web page that allows the user to book a direct flight to a destination a surprise. In this way, the traveler opts for a vacation on the dates that you want, but the place to which it is directed is a total mystery, which adds an extra spice to the adventure, aerial, ideal for the more adventurous.

However, travelers do not go totally blind. The first step is to choose one of the nine available categories, each of which has from 7 to 12 cities (if there is a place you definitely do not want to go, there is the option to delete the destination from the search criteria, although with each omission, the prices start to rise).

Let the company be surprised, only choose the type of adventure that you want. Photo:

Once you select the categories and cities, you can book a flight with 1 to 42 days in advance on specific dates, or between the one mark and flexible. Each category begins with prices starting at $ 76 or $ 100. For now, however, travelers spontaneous will be able to opt out of this type of adventures with flights departing from the airports of Frankfurt or Munich.



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