It is not mere chance that on the 28th of July, the Day of the Fatherland, is preceded, a day earlier, by the date of birth of the Great Admiral Miguel Grau.

Both Grau and the crew of the Huascar, as the Bolognesi from the Morro of Arica and Cáceres in La Breña, they embody the heroism of those who, like the first two, gave his life for Peru, and who, as the second, fought until the last consequences, in the most adverse circumstances, to defend the honor and integrity of our Motherland.
I wonder if the sacrifice of them and many other peruvians, for the most part anonymous, as well as the efforts of those who forged the independence of Peru, and have served in a real and effective as a solid base to develop the country to which they aspired.
The key question is whether we have managed to really forge a national identity in this tumultuous nation of cuarentaitantas languages and cultures, where colonial heritage, is still worshipping the Power and in which the fragile collective memory is able to forget the crimes of a terrorist movement or driving for a second time to Power a former corrupt and inefficient.

Piérola was refiriò Peru as a country of “bewildered people”. You will excuse the phrase, coming from a politician who gave a coup in the midst of the war with Chile and was unable to close ranks with the military to try to defend Lima from the invading chilean.

Today we share the bewilderment in respect of a head of State, elected precariously, until now there lies the compass of a ruler and, on the contrary, continues downhill in the shot. It is enough to see the appointment of Fiorella Molinelli -wrapped in the theme of Chinchero – as minister of Development and social Inclusion that is absolutely inappropriate, to say the least.

None of them is sacrificed, either, for more than a century later follow in full force the lapidary phrase of Gonzalez Prada on how where you put your finger jumps the pus in Peru.

So it was and so remains. To celebrate the Fiestas Patrias, it has been reported that the Government is acquiring 15 thousand temporary homes to five chilean companies by value of 375 million suns when , without doubt, has had to do it with companies of peru that can perfectly make them.

So is the feast of the ‘lobby’ and corruption. The party served of the popular vote to get into Power with the object of enriching themselves with the money of all peruvians at a rate of 10 billion suns per year.

But, against this, it is perceived as a vast stream of take of collective consciousness that emerges of the extent of damage and impunity.

That is the real celebration: the rescue of a wonderful country such as Peru because of the vast and silent majority of peruvians.


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